Graduation Requirements

**All course work for the Public Health major is to be taken for a letter grade.**

Undergraduate Students Graduating in 2017 and Later

Due to accreditation changes instituted by the Council on Education in Public Health, UC Berkeley School of Public Health undergraduate students graduating in 2017 and afterwards must abide by the new major completion requirements listed below:

1. Six Required Classes (Five Public Health Core; One Data Science)

  • PB HLTH 142: Intro to Probability and Statistics in Public Health (4) (Fall and Spring)
    • PB HLTH 141 (Summer only) can be used to meet this requirement
    • STAT 131A (only if completed Spring 2016 or earlier) 
  • PB HLTH 150A: Introduction to Epidemiology (4) (Spring only)
  • PB HLTH 150B: Introduction to Environmental Health (3) (Fall and Summer only)
  • PB HLTH 150D: Introduction to Health Policy & Management (3) (Fall and Summer)
  • PB HLTH 150E: Introduction to Community Health and Human Development (3) (Spring only)
  • STAT/COMPSCI/INFO C8 Foundations of Data Science (4) (Fall, Summer, and Spring)
    (*only required for the graduating class of Spring 2021 onward*)
    (Note: For students who took Data 8 Spring 2019 or earlier, we will accept a Pass if the class was taken P/NP. Students taking Data 8 Summer 2019 and onward must take the course for a grade.)

2. Ten Elective Units — 4 of the 10 units must be upper division

See list of electives

3. Public Health Major Capstone Requirement

The Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH), our accrediting body, requires that all students complete a capstone experience. The capstone requirement for the undergraduate Public Health major is designed to review, integrate, and apply concepts and methods presented in the core courses. The Capstone Requirement must be taken for a letter grade and fulfilled in your senior year. Previous coursework does not apply. 

Capstone Course

Honors Thesis

Students may also fulfill the Capstone Requirement by pursuing an Honors Thesis in Public Health. Students interested in completing an Honors Thesis must have a GPA of 3.5 or above, have successfully completed PH 142 and PH 150A, and must apply by submitting a signed Memorandum of Understanding from their research mentor. The Honors Thesis project is a two semester commitment, starting in the fall semester and concluding in spring. 

Additional information regarding Honors Thesis can be found here

Successfully completing the thesis will earn the student Honors in Public Health on their UC Berkeley transcript.

Some titles of prior undergraduate Honors Theses:

  • Prevalence and Treatment of Diabetes in Rural Tanzania
  • Rural vs. Urban risk and protective factors for the development of early childhood caries (ECC) in developing countries
  • The Biological Effects of Condom Lubricants and Public Health Policy
  • Implications: Focus on College Culture
  • The Role of CIITA fusion protein in Lymphoma cancer
  • Biofilm Formation and the MCE operons in Mycobacterium smegmatis
  • Environmental Associations for Onchocerciasis Prevalence in the Democratic Republic of Congo