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Apr 01 2019 Universal Coverage: Is “Medicare for All” the Answer?

What does “Medicare for All” really mean, how would it be financed, and are there other ways to achieve universal health care? Join us for a discussion with Laurel Lucia, Wendell Potter, Stephen Shortell, Micah Weinberg, and Larry Levitt that will address these questions and more. Our panelists will explain the basics of a single-payer system, its pros and cons, and other strategies to achieve universal health care.

Feb 15 2019 Harnessing the power of data science and real world evidence for cancer treatment, access and care

Join Meghna Samant and Raina Mathur of Flatiron Health, for this professional health development webinar sponsored by the Public Health Alumni Association Board of Directors. They will provide an introduction to Flatiron Health and the quantitative sciences team, showcase the analytical methodologies they employ, and discuss real world examples of their work and impact on cancer patients.

Dec 13 2018 Social Justice and Health Equity - A talk with Sir Michael Marmot

Watch a talk by Sir Michael Marmot PhD ’75, MPH ’72, internationally acclaimed epidemiologist who has conducted seminal research into the social determinants of health for more than four decades. He provides evidence that, as we look across countries, national policies make a difference and much can be done in cities, towns, and local areas to address the health gap.

Nov 13 2018 Environmental Justice: What can we do about the disproportionate impact of climate change on low-income communities?

Across America, low-income and minority communities are being hit hardest by the economic and health impacts of climate change. Join us for an afternoon with Van Jones—news commentator, author, and founder of Dream Corps —and learn how we can seek environmental justice for the country’s most vulnerable communities.

Feb 12 2018 Global Health and the Future Role of the United States

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Dr. Mike Merson, Amie Batson, Professor Lia Fernald, and Dean Stefano M. Bertozzi discussed the future of the country’s commitment to improving human health worldwide. How can we maintain effective investments in global health initiatives in a rapidly changing environment.

Feb 08 2018 Is Sugar Making Us Sick?

A panel of experts in nutrition and public health, which included Janet King PhD, Dr. Ronald Krauss, Kristine Madsen MD, MPH, and Gary Taubes, discussed the role of added sugar in the obesity and diabetes epidemics, including how its risks compare to those of saturated fat, formerly the leading dietary villain.

Jun 29 2017 The Next 82 Years: Faculty and Students Confronting Existential Challenges

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Malcolm Potts MB, BChir, PhD, FRCOG is a Cambridge-trained obstetrician and reproductive scientist. He is the first holder of the Fred H. Bixby endowed chair in Population and Family Planning at UC Berkeley School of Public Health, which he held from 1992 to 2015. The existential questions that our faculty and students will face in the next 82 yearsis the topic of conversation in this Dean's Speaker Series presentation.

Jun 29 2017 Eli Clare: Grappling with Cure

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Writer and activist Eli Clare grapples with the idea of cure—the deeply held belief that body-minds considered broken need to be fixed—, maintaining that neither an anti-cure politics nor a pro-cure worldview can account for the messy, complex relationships we have with our body-minds.

May 19 2017 A Conversation with Larry Brilliant

Dr. Larry Brilliant has spent his career working to improve lives—locally and globally—through his work helping eradicate smallpox with the UN, curing millions of people of blindness with Seva Foundation, and building technologies of the future with and public tech companies. Now he has written a memoir, Sometimes Brilliant: The Impossible Adventures of a Spiritual Seeker and Visionary Physician Who Helped Conquer the Worst Disease in History, in which he reflects on his extraordinary experiences as a doctor, innovator, philanthropist, and cultural revolutionary.

May 19 2017 Lynn Barr: Health Equity for Rural Patients

According to the federal Agency for Heath Research and Quality, the quality of primary care is significantly lower in rural communities than urban. Since 1990, rural residents have lost 2.4 years of life compared to metropolitan areas. Managing population health can change this outcome. An energetic entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in health care, Lynn Barr has shepherded four start-ups and 12 medical inventions through research, the FDA, and on to worldwide markets. Today, through Caravan Health, Lynn is a recognized leader in the development and execution of national scale programs that bring better care to patients and help health care practices succeed. Caravan Health supports more than 17,000 independent primary care providers making the transformation to value-based payments with affordable, simple solutions that achieve outstanding results