Concurrent Degrees

The School of Public Health has established concurrent degree programs with other schools and departments on campus that allow students to take advantage of the unique opportunities for interdisciplinary study that Berkeley offers.

In these programs, students follow a carefully  designed curriculum that allows them to complete the requirements for two degrees in less time than is normally required to complete the two degrees separately. Applicants to concurrent degree programs must be admitted into both of the sponsoring professional schools. 

Master of Business Administration/Master of Public Health (MBA/MPH) with the Haas School of Business

This two-and-one-half-year concurrent degree program is designed to provide proficiency in both business and delivery aspects of the health services and technology industries. Students come to the program with an average of five years of work experience. Applications for this program are made directly to the Haas School of Business.

Master of City Planning/Master of Public Health (MCP/MPH) with the Department of City and Regional Planning

This concurrent degree program is for students who want to serve as liaisons between the public health and community planning  functions of local government. Applicants who apply to the  MCP/MPH degree track in the School of  Public Health should indicate one of the following areas of concentration: Environmental  Health Sciences, Health & Social Behavior,  Epidemiology/Biostatistics, or Health  Policy & Management.

Master of Journalism/Master of Public Health (MJ/MPH) with the Graduate School of Journalism

The three-year MJ/MPH allows students to combine their interests in public health, journalism, communications and media. The program is designed to produce public health professionals who are effective media practitioners and communicators as well as journalists with the training and knowledge necessary to cover public health and medical issues for online, print, broadcast and other media platforms. Students select one of four public health concentrations (Environmental Health, Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology/Biostatistics, Health and Social Behavior) and simultaneously develop their reporting and multimedia skills.

Master of Public Policy/Master of Public Health (MPP/MPH) with the Goldman School of Public Policy

This is a three-year concurrent program. Applicants apply to the M.P.P./M.P.H. degree track in the School of Public Health and indicate the Health Policy and Management area of concentration. Preference is given to applicants who have work experience in health policy. Graduates assume research and policy analysis positions in federal and state governmental agencies, consulting organizations, health advocacy groups, and health care associations.

Master of Social Welfare/Master of Public Health (MSW/MPH) with the School of Social Welfare

This three-year concurrent degree program provides interdisciplinary preparation in classroom and in field work settings. The program is designed to permit students the maximum amount of flexibility while fulfilling the requirements for both degrees. Students will be enrolled in the Maternal and Child Health Program or the Health and Social Behavior Program in the School of Public Health and with the concentration in Direct Practice in Health or Management and Planning in the School of Social Welfare. Applicants can apply through the School of Social Welfare. Continuing graduate students in either school who are interested in the MSW/MPH degree may apply to the Dual Degree program.