Our Vision

Healthy People, Locally and Globally

Our Mission

We improve population health, especially for the most vulnerable, through:

  • Radical collaborations to meet priority health needs and achieve health equity in our increasingly diverse communities
  • Preeminent education that challenges convention and develops diverse leaders who transform the health of our communities
  • Transformational research on the major public health threats and opportunities of today and tomorrow

Our Values

Health as a Right
We believe in social justice and the basic human right to a healthy life. We strive to reduce or eliminate inequity and injustice that affects the health and dignity of all people, especially those who are most vulnerable. We live a shared commitment to equity among our faculty, students, and staff.

Strength Through Diversity
We embrace diversity in our education, research, and service. It’s the right thing to do and the best strategy for successfully engaging and transforming the communities we care about.

Think Forward
We innovate and train our students to lead innovation. We build a culture that challenges conventional thinking, leverages technology, and builds bridges between basic research, translational research, implementation research, public policy, education, and action.

Impact First
We demonstrate our commitment to maximum population health impact by focusing our research, education, and service efforts in areas with the potential to have transformative impact on the health of populations locally and globally.