Xóchitl Castañeda

Director, Health Initiative of the Americas
  • PH 212C: Migration and Health: A US-Mexico Binational Perspective
Research Interests: 
  • Migration and Global Health
  • Public health emergency preparedness
  • Qualitative methods 
  • Community & Population health
Selected Publications: 

Castañeda X, Felt E, Martinez-Taboada C, Castañeda N, Ramirez T. Migratory Stress and Mental Health in Adolescent Young Adult Mexican Immigrants Living in the United States: Contextualizing Acculturation. In Immigrants: Acculturation, Socioeconomic Challenges and Cultural Psychology. (ISBN 978-1-62808-617-1) 2013.

Sanchez M, Hernández M, Hanson J, Vera A, Magis C, Ruiz J, Garza A, Castañeda X, Aoki B, Lemp G. The Effect of Migration on HIV High-Risk Behaviors among Mexican Migrants. J Acquire Immune Defic. Syndr. 2012;61:610–617. 2012.

Cassady D, Castañeda X, Ruiz M, Miller M, Andrews T, Osorio L. Pandemics and Vaccines: Perceptions, Reactions, and Lessons Learned from hard-to-reach Latinos and the H1N1 Campaign. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 23 (3). 2012.

Castañeda X, Castañeda N, Ruiz M. Vulnerabilidad y Adicciones: Migrantes Mexicanos en Estados Unidos. In Actualidades en Adicciones, Libro 5. 15-34 (ISBN 978-607-95887-1-7) 2012.

Parrini R, Castañeda X, Magis-Rodríguez C, Ruiz J, Lemp G. Identity, Desire and Truth: Construction of a Homoerotic Social Scene among Mexican Migrant Communities in the USA. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 13 (4) 415-425. 2011.

Castañeda X. Ruiz M. Felt E. Schenker M. Health of Migrants: Working Towards a Better Future. In Global Health, Global Health Education, and Infectious Disease: The New Millennium, Part 1. Veljil A. Moellering R. (Eds.) Elsevier Press. 2011.

Castañeda X, Ruiz M. Caregivers in a Binational Context: The U.S. - Mexico Case. In Women, Migration and the work care in the United States a Comparative Perspective. Michel S, Boyd M, Lutz H, Robles-Silva L, Castañeda X, C Muzaffar C, and McHugh M. (Eds.) Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars Press. 19-21. 2011.

Castañeda X, Schenker M, Felt E. Binational Innovation in Latino Immigrant Health: the Health Initiative of the Americas. In Reflections about Mexican Migration and Public Policy. Leite P and Giorguli S. (Eds) CONAPO Press, 99-110. 2010.

Leite P, Castañeda X, Schenker M. Vulnerability and Health: Poor Coverage for Mexican Migrants in the United States. Medicine Expertise, 1 (3) 6-16. 2009.

Wallace S, Mendez-Luck C, Castañeda X. Heading South: Why Mexican Immigrants in California Seek Health Services in Mexico. Medical Care, 47 (6) 662-669. 2009.

Vargas-Bustamante A, Castañeda X, Ojeda G. Willingness to Pay for Cross-Border Health Insurance Between the United States and Mexico. Health Affairs, 27 (1) 169-179. 2008.

Other interests: 
  • Certificate of Appreciation by the National Diabetes Education Program for her contributions toward Changing the Way Diabetes is treated. 2013
  • Distinctive Recognition by the Government of Mexico City for her work with the Mexican Community in the United States. By Marcelo Ebrad, Governor, 2011
  • The Annual Latino Spirit Award, by The California Latino Legislative Caucus for her work with immigrant communities in the United States, 2010
  • American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter Award. Recognition for leadership in the collective effort to ready one million Bay area residents for disaster. 2009. 
  • Public Health Hero. Awarded by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. 2008
Profile Updated: September 17, 2013