Payment Options


Checks and money orders should be made payable to: School of Public Health Fund. To make your gift by mail, you may send your check or money order to:

University of California,
Berkeley School of Public Health
Office of External Relations and
2121 Berkeley Way, Room 5302
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360

Gifts of cash made through the UC Regents and the UC Berkeley Foundation are equally tax-deductible and are used for the purposes specified by the donor.

Credit and Debit Cards

Donors may elect to make a gift via a charge to a credit or debit card. Cards accepted for donations include VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Credit and debit card charges can be completed online at Give to Cal (for gifts under $50,000). Or you may send your credit card authorization to the address above. You may also call 510-642-2299 to charge your gift to your credit card.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Monthly payments via electronic funds transfer may be arranged through a donor's financial institution and the UC Berkeley Foundation. For more information, call Gift Administration at 510.643.9789 or email Be sure to specify that you would like your gift directed to the School of Public Health.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are most commonly used for gifts made from outside the United States. Financial institutions provide minimal information on wire transfers, so to ensure proper disposition of the gifts, donors should alert the University that a wire transfer has been made by notifying the School of Public Health, University Relations, or Gift Administration.


Securities can be transferred directly from your brokerage account to the University's account. Gifts of securities are recorded based on the mean market value of the stock, bond, or mutual fund on the date of gift, which is determined by the date the donor relinquishes control of the asset.

For more information, contact the senior gift steward at 510-642-4123, fax at 510-643-6770, or email Be sure to specify that you would like your gift directed to the School of Public Health.