Susan L. Ivey MD, MHSA

Adjunct Professor, UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Director of Research, Health Research for Action
Research Interests: 
  • Immigrant health status including cardiovascular risk factors and diabetes
  • Health policy issues related to health and health care disparities
  • Disparities in health status and in access to health services
Selected Publications: 

Hasnain-Wynia, R, Van Dyke, K, Youdelman, M, Krautkramer, C, Ivey S, Gilchick, R, Kaleba, E, and Wynia, M. Barriers to Collecting Patient Race, Ethnicity and Primary Language Data in Physician Practices: An Exploratory Study. JNMA, September 2010, Vol. 102(9): 769-775.

Chung, K, Ivey SL, Guo, W, Chung, K, Nguyen, C, Chung, C, Nguyen, C and Tseng, W. Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice towards Epilepsy (KAPE) Survey of Chinese and Vietnamese College Students in the U.S. Berkeley Scientific Journal, March 2010;13(2). Electronic only.

Satariano, W, Ivey S, Kealey, M, Kurtovich, E, Kealey, M, Hubbard, A, Bayles, C, Bryant, L, Hunter, R, Prohaska, T. Lower Body Function, Neighborhoods, and Walking in an Older Population. AJPM, 2010; 38(4):419-428.

Wynia, M, Ivey S, Hasnain-Wynia, R. Collection of Data on Patients' Race and Ethnic Group by Physician Practices. NEJM. 2010; 362(9): 846-850.

Chung, K, Ivey S, Guo, W, Chung, K, Nguyen, C, Nguyen, C, Tseng, W. Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice towards Epilepsy (KAPE): A Survey of Chinese and Vietnamese Adults in the United States. Epilepsy & Behavior. 2010; 17(2):221-227.

Kurtovich, E, Ivey S, Neuhauser, L, Graham, C, Constantine, W, Barkan, H. Evaluation of a multilingual mass communication intervention for seniors and people with disabilities on Medicaid: a randomized controlled trial. HSR. 2010;45(2):397-417.

Palaniappan, L, Mukherjea, A, Holland, A, Ivey SL. Leading Causes of Mortality of Asian Indians in California. Ethnicity and Disease. 2010;20(1):53-57.

Lin, M, Moskowitz, J, Kazinets, G, Ivey S, Kim, Y-B, McDonnell, D. Adherence to Pap Test Guidelines: Variation among Asians in California. Ethnicity and Disease. 2009;19:425-432.

Neuhauser, L Rothschild, B, Graham, C, Ivey S, Konishi, S. Participatory Design of Mass Health Communication in Three Languages for Seniors and People With Disabilities on Medicaid. AJPH, 2009;99(12):2188-2195.

Laditka, JN, Beard, RL, Bryant, LL, Fetterman, D, Hunter, R, Ivey SL, Logsdon, R, Sharkey, J, Wu, B. Promoting Cognitive Health: A Formative Research Collaboration of the Healthy Aging Research Network. The Gerontologist. 2009;49(S1):S12-S17.

Laditka, SB, Corwin, SJ, Laditka, JN Liu,R, Tseng, W, Wu, B, Beard, R, Sharkey, JR, Ivey, SL. Attitudes about Aging Well among a Diverse Group of Older Americans: Implications for Promoting Cognitive Health. The Gerontologist. 2009;49(S1): S30-S39.

Friedman, DB, Laditka, JN, Hunter, R, Ivey SL, Wu, B, Laditka, SB, Tseng, W, Corwin, SJ, Liu, R, Mathews, AE. Getting the Message Out About Brain Health: A Cross Cultural Comparison of Older Adults' Media Awareness and Communication Needs on How to Maintain a Healthy Brain. The Gerontologist. 2009;49(S1):S50-S60.

Prohaska, T, Eisenstein, A, Satariano, W, Hunter, R, Bayles, C, Kurtovich, E, Kealey, M, Ivey S. Walking and the preservation of cognitive function in older populations. The Gerontologist. 2009; 49(S1): S86-S93.

Ivey S, Kramer, E, Yoshioko, M, Raj, A. Book chapter: "Ch. 21: Intimate Partner Violence in Asian Americans: Prevalence, Cultural Considerations and Clinical Caveats." In: Praeger Handbook of Asian American Health [Two Volumes]: Taking Notice and Taking Action. Eds: Bateman, Abesamis and Ho-Asjoe. 2009.

Graham, CL, Ivey SL, Neuhauser, L. "Hospital to Home: Focus group findings on transitional care for older adults." The Gerontologist. 2009.

Other interests: 
  • Board certified in Family Practice and Emergency Medicine
  • American Medical Women's Association
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Commission to End Health Care Disparities
Profile Updated: October 8, 2018