School faculty and lecturers earn high marks in teaching quality

November 16, 2015

Teaching Excellence award winnersThe School’s Committee on Teaching Excellence (CoTE) recently honored UC Berkeley School of Public Health educators who received high student evaluation marks for their instruction during the spring 2015 semester. To receive the award, the faculty members or lecturers were required to have taught a course with an enrollment of five or more students that included an evaluation of student performance through an exam, project, or other assignment. The instructors had to receive an average of 6 or higher (out of 7) on their evaluations.

CoTE was established by the School’s Faculty Council in May 2013. One of the committee’s charges was to establish a forum for annual recognition of School of Public Health faculty members and lecturers for teaching excellence. Recognition will take place each semester.

“Our committee is very excited about the teaching excellence we are observing and able to report for our School,” said Lisa Barcellos, professor of epidemiology and CoTE chair. “Our mission in the School as educators is to provide high quality education to our students. We must continue to seek ways to improve and implement innovative strategies to engage our undergraduate and graduate students in learning. We are proud of our many colleagues in the School who are committed to this important mission.”

The faculty members and lecturers honored for teaching excellence in Spring 2015 are:

Sandrine Dudoit
Alan Hubbard
Nicholas Jewell
David Lein
Lexin Li
John Marshall
Mark van der Laan

Community Health Sciences
Julianna Deardorff
Sonya Dublin
Lori Freedman
Sarah Gamble
Wendi Gosliner
Sylvia Guendelman
Jodi Halpern
Kim Harley
Denise Herd
Seth Holmes
Nap Hosang
Cindy Leung
Kristine Madsen
Marlon Maus
Rachel Morello‐Frosch
Linda Neuhauser
Amani Nuru‐Jeter
Doug Oman
Malcolm Potts
Jaspal Sandhu
William Satariano
Ahna Suleiman
Leonard Syme
Melanie Tervalon
Hannah Thompson

Environmental Health Sciences
Lisa Barcellos
Katharine Hammond
Nina Holland
Amy Kyle
Sa Liu
Tom McKone
Stephen Rappaport
Charlotte Smith
Kirk Smith
Luoping Zhang

Jennifer Ahern
Lisa Barcellos
Heidi Bauer
Ray Catalano
Wayne Enanoria
Sandra McCoy
Alexandra Minnis
Mahasin Mujahid
Amani Nuru‐Jeter
Nancy Padian
Arthur Reingold
Craig Steinmaus

Health Policy & Management
Timothy Brown
William Dow
Robin Flagg
Brent Fulton
Jeff Oxendine
James Robinson
Hector Rodriguez
Richard Scheffler
Lonnie Snowden

Infectious Disease & Vaccinology/Infectious Diseases & Immunity
Eva Harris
Kathy Loretz 
John Swartzberg

Interdisciplinary MPH
Anke Hemmerling
Phuoc Le

On-Campus/Online MPH
Sonya Dublin
Amy Kyle
Lyn Paleo
Robyn Gershon
Steve Shortell

UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Lela Bachrach
Hena Borneo
Jennifer Breckler
Ron Dahl
Hana Dan‐Cohen
Amy Garlin
Jodi Halpern
Susan Ivey
Claudia Landau
Kristine Madsen 
Guy Micco
Kent Olson
Balaram Puligandla
Karen Sokal‐Gutierrez
John Swartzberg