Global Health

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The objectives of the Global Health Specialty Area (GHSA) are to support and cultivate students' interests in global health, and to help develop competencies and skills in global public health that can be applied to students' careers. The GHSA provides an opportunity for students to explore multidisciplinary issues in global health through coursework and global health engagement. The GHSA is administered through the Center for Global Public Health (CGPH). Affiliated faculty of CGPH are listed below.


The Specialty is offered to all UC Berkeley School of Public Health students currently enrolled in the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program or a master’s or doctoral degree program in any department of the school. It is also open to Master of Development Practice (MDP) students.


1. Global Health Coursework (9 units, 2-year program; 5 units, 1-year program)

  • Complete one of the following global health core courses: 

- Fall 2018: PH C253/DEVP C232 Foundations of Global Public Health (Reingold/Fong, 2 units, space is very limited)
- Spring 2019: PHW212 Online Foundations of Global Public Health (Reingold/Rutherford/Fong, 3 units)

  • Complete additional units of global health related coursework

- Depending on which core course you take, you will take an extra 6-7 units if you are in a 2-year program, or 2-3 additional units of global health related coursework if you are in a 1-year program. 
- Eligible courses are chosen from a list of approved courses. A list of approved courses offered Fall 2018 can be found here (Spring courses TBA). Other courses can qualify if it is reviewed and approved in advance, in consultation with a GHSA advisors. 
- We encourage transdisciplinary course work that can enhance your interests in a wide variety of global health-related areas.  
- Courses must be taken for a letter grade.

  • In addition, you must meet all course requirements and electives for your degree program.

**Note: PHW212 is a new online global health core course that was first offered in January 2018. Starting in Fall 2017, SPH opened enrollment of online MPH courses to all SPH graduate students. Therefore, SPH graduate students will be allowed to take this online course for no extra cost in 2018, as the course is sponsored by SPH. At this time, non-SPH students cannot register for this class in January 2019. Registration details to follow.

2. Global Health Engagement

    • Community events: This specialty also aims to bring together the UC Berkeley global health community. As such, we request all those in the GHSA to attend two global health seminars or events at UC Berkeley each semester (i.e., events hosted by the School of Public Health, Center for Emerging and Neglected Diseases, Center for Global Public Health, Blum Center, Bixby Center, etc.). We will inform you about Bay Area global health events, news, and opportunities through our listserv.
    • Mentorship: We recommend speaking with your program coordinator and faculty advisor to explore avenues for global health mentorship at UC Berkeley. GHSA advisors can also help students figure out how to navigate UC Berkeley in regards to global health mentorship and campus outreach.
    • Internships: Global health internships are recommended, but not required. For students in 2-year programs, we encourage you to reach out to CGPH affiliated faculty to explore global health-related internships in the summer, either at home or abroad. While the responsibility for securing an acceptable international placement lies with the student, the Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership (CPHPL) and the Center for Global Public Health (CGPH) offer a number of events and resources throughout the year about global health internships. Please note that MPH internship placements must be approved by the CPHPL and should provide the student with a relevant and rigorous off-campus learning experience. Students in 1-year programs are encouraged to seek practical and/or research experiences in global health during their studies. You are welcome to contact CPHPL and CGPH advisors to explore opportunities.

3. Signing up for the Global Health Specialty

    • Fill out the form:
      • If you are an eligible student, and would like to declare your intent in pursuing the Global Health Specialty during your course of study at UC Berkeley,  you must fill out this online form.
    • Sign-up for an advising session:
      • You will also need to sign-up for an advising session via a Google spreadsheet. You can find the link to this sign-up sheet on the online Specialty form or here.  Note that there is a max number of 4 students per advising session.
    • Attend the orientation:
      • We will follow-up with information about the orientation for the 2018-19 Global Health Specialty student cohort.

GHSA Advisors

Program Manager, Elizabeth Rojo,
Dr. Hildy Fong, 
Professor Art Reingold, 
Professor Phuoc Le, 
Dr. Anke Hemmerling,


Each student who successfully completes the requirements of the GHSA will receive a document signed by the Chair of the Global Health Specialty Area (Professor Art Reingold) and the Interim Dean of the School of Public Health (Professor William H. Dow) certifying the student's completion of the requirements for the specialty area.

Global Health Faculty/Mentors