One of the nation's major public health objectives is to enhance and maintain the health, vitality, and independence of its aging population. To meet this challenge, the UC Berkeley School of Public Health has increased its commitment to the field of aging, including the development of special courses, field placements, and research opportunities.

Students may designate aging as a specialty area. In addition to completing requirements for a specific academic program, students may complete a 9-unit series of courses in aging.


The Specialty Area in Aging consists of 9 units.


  • Completion of a 3-unit course, Aging and Public Health. This course provides an overview of research, practice, and policy in the field of aging and public health.

  • Completion of the remaining 6 units in other courses on aging. Ideally, these courses should be from both inside and outside the School of Public Health.

At the time of graduation, each student will receive a letter signed by the chair of the faculty committee on aging and public health certifying the student's completion of requirements in this area.


Students interested in pursuing course work and/or research in aging should apply to an appropriate degree program (MPH, DrPH, or PhD) in one of the regular academic programs of the School of Public Health. Upon admission, a faculty advisor will help the student develop a program of study that includes elective courses in aging and, as appropriate, fieldwork and research opportunities in health and aging.