School faculty and lecturers honored for teaching excellence

June 10, 2014

On April 15, the School’s Committee on Teaching Excellence (CoTE) honored UC Berkeley School of Public Health educators who received high student evaluation marks for their instruction during the Fall 2013 semester. To receive the award, the faculty members or lecturers were required to have taught a course with an enrollment of five or more students that included an evaluation of student performance through an exam, project, or other assignment. The instructors had to receive an average of 6 or higher on their evaluations.

CoTE was established by the Faculty Council in May 2013. One of the committee’s charges was to establish a forum for annual recognition of School of Public Health faculty members and lecturers for teaching excellence. Recognition will take place each semester.

“Effective teaching is among our most important responsibilities,” said Lisa Barcellos, associate professor and CoTE chair. “It’s central to our School’s mission to train both current and future members of the public health workforce, and to develop diverse leaders for professional and research careers.”

The CoTE, which includes Emily Ozer, associate professor, and Julianna Deardorff, assistant professor, has also established a forum for faculty and instructor mentoring to improve teaching strategies through departmental sponsored one-hour lunch seminars. The first of these seminars took place in January and was very well attended. The seminars will be conducted once each semester, with the next one planned for August 2014.

The faculty members and lecturers honored for teaching excellence in Fall 2013 are:

Sandrine Dudoit 
Alan Hubbard
Nick Jewell
Maureen Lahiff
Steve Selvin

Community Health Sciences
Genevieve Ames
Sam Davis
Julianna Deardorff
Lori Dorfman
Brenda Eskenazi
Darlene Francis
Joel Grube
Sylvia Guendelman
Karen Hughes
William Jagust
Lee Kaskutas
Barbara Laraia
Kris Madsen
Meredith Minkler
Emily Ozer
Cheri Pies
Ndola Prata
William Satariano
John Swartzberg
Ahna Suleiman
Sarah Zemore

Doctor of Public Health
Norm Constantine
Denise Herd
Cheri Pies
Dorothy Thornton

Environmental Health Sciences
John Balmes
Michael Bates
Asa Bradman
Sadie Castello
Ellen Eisen
Kathie Hammond
Robert Harris
Thomas McKone
Marc Nicas
Jim Seward
Stephen Rappaport
Charlotte Smith

Barbara Abrams
Jennifer Ahern
Brenda Eskenazi 
Maya Petersen
David Ragland
Art Reingold
Allan Smith

Health Policy & Management
Bruce Bodaken
William Dow
Robin Flagg
Ann Keller
Anthony Iton
Jing Li
Iman Nazeeri-Simmons
Kristiana Raube
Harry Snyder

Infectious Disease & Vaccinology/Infectious Diseases & Immunity
Peter Dailey
Eva Harris
Fenyong Liu 
Kathy Loretz
Sangwei Lu
Lee Riley
Richard Stephens
John Swartzberg

On-Campus/Online MPH
Sonya Dublin
Aiyana Johnson

UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program 
Colette Auerswald
Lela Rose Bachrach
John Balmes
Jodi Halpern
Doug Jutte
Kris Madsen
Guy Micco
Jeff Schonberg
Karen Sokal-Gutierrez
Ann Stevens
John Swartzberg
Melanie Thomas