Sara Hartley MD

Lecturer, Clinical Skills Program, Joint Medical Program
Research Interests: 
  • The interpersonal domain of doctor-patient interaction
  • The interview
  • Mind/brain models
Current Projects: 

Her interests include examining MD-Patient interaction as well as psychological approaches to severely disturbed patients and teaching clinical skills in the UCB/UCSF Joint Medical Program. She is on the attending staff of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.

Selected Publications: 

Hartley, Sara. "The Humanoscope: Adding a Dimension to the MD-Patient Experience." WGEA Conference, Stanford University, 2011.

Hartley, Letter: A Response to "Brain Lesions Manifesting as Psychiatric Disorders: Six Cases" by Bunevicius et al, November 2008, CNS Spectr. 2009;14(1):e

Hartley, Franck, Lundgren, "Concerns Regarding Maintenance Sedation of Agitated Infants in the NICU," Journal of Perinatology, 1989.

Hartley, Letter: "Psychosocial Aspects of Valproate Teratogenicity," Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 1997.

Profile Updated: April 12, 2013