Robin Baker MPH

Emerita Director, Research to Practice, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
Research Interests: 
  • Research to Practice (research translation)
  • Construction health and safety
  • Worker education/participatory training
  • Collaborative research/Partnerships
Current Projects: 

Research to Practice in Construction—A collaborative effort with CPWR: The Center for Construction Research and Training, NIOSH and OSHA to accelerate the application of evidence-based best practices in the U.S. Construction Industry.

Selected Publications: 

Minker, M., Lee, P.T., Tom, A., Chang, C., Morales, A., Liu, S.S., Salvatore, A., Baker, R., Chen, F., Bhatia, R., & Krause, N. (2010). Using community-based participatory research to design and initiate a study on immigrant worker health and safety in San Francisco’s Chinatown Restaurants. American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Bush, D., PLaeo, L., Baker, R, Dewey, R, et al. (2009 Supplement) Restaurant supervisor training: evaluating a small business training intervention. Public Health Reports, Vol. 124.

Lee, P, Krause N, Goetchius C, Argriesti JM, Baker R. Participatory Action Research with Room Cleaners in San Francisco and Las Vegas: From a Collaborative Study to the Bargaining Table. In Community Based Participatory Research: From Process to Outcomes, editors: Minkler m and Wallerstein N. (2008, second edition) Josey-Bass

Teran, S., Strochlic, R., Bush, D., Baker, R., Meyer, J. (2008). Reaching teen farmworkers with health and safety information: An evaluation of a high ESL school curriculum. Journal of Agriculture Safety and Health. 14(2): 147-162

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Occupational Health and Safety Education, in Weeks, J., et al (Eds.), Preventing Occupational Disease and Injury (2nd ed., Chapter 13). Washington, D.C.: American Public Health Association, 2005.

Profile Updated: November 15, 2018