Robert Clinton Spear PhD

Professor Emeritus
Professor in the Graduate School
Research Interests: 
  • Mathematical modeling of toxicological and infectious processes
  • Statistical issues in exposure assessment
Selected Publications: 

S. Wang, E.J. Carlton, L. Chen, and R.C. Spear, Evaluation of an educational intervention on villagers knowledge, attitude, and behavior, regarding transmission of S. japonicum in Sichuan Province, China,  Acta Tropica, 127,226-235, 2013.

E.J. Carlton, A. Hubbard, S. Wang, and R.C. Spear, Repeated Schistosoma japonicum infection following treatment in two cohorts: Evidence for host susceptibility to helminthiasis? PLoS Neg Trop Dis,7 (3), e2098, 2013.

A.N. Akullian, L. Ding, J. McDowell, G. M. Davis, Robert C. Spear, Justin V. Remais, Modeling the combined influence of  host dispersal and waterborne fate and transport on pathogen spread in complex landscapes, Water Qual Exp Health, (DOI) 10.1007/s12403-012-0074-y, 2012.

R.C. Spear, Internal versus external determinants of S. japonicum transmission in irrigated agricultural villages, J. Royal  Soc. Interface, 9, 272-282, doi: 10.1098/rsif.2011.0285, 2012.

R.C. Spear, E.Y.W. Seto, E. Carlton, S. Liang, J.V. Remais, B. Zhong, D. Qiu, The challenge of effective surveillance in moving from low transmission to elimination of schistosomiasis in China, Intl, J. Parasitology, 41, 1243-1247, doi:10.1016/j.para.2011.08.002, 2011.

E. Y. W. Seto, J. V. Remais, E. J. Carlton, S. Wang1, S. Liang, P. J. Brindley, D. Qiu5, R. C. Spear, L. D. Wang, T. P. Wang, H. G. Chen, X.Q. Dong, L.Y. Wang, Y. Hao, R. Bergquist, X.N. Zhou, Towards Sustainable and Comprehensive Control of Schistosomiasis in China: Lessons from Sichuan, PLoS Neg Trop Dis, 5(10): e1372. doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0001372, 2011.

R.C. Spear and S. Liang, Mathematical modeling as an aid in developing strategy for sustainable interruption of S. japonicum transmission in the hilly and mountainous regions of China, J. Schisto. Control, 23, 231-236,  2011, In Chinese.

N. Xiao, J. Remais, P.J. Brindley, D. Qiu, R.C. Spear, Y. Lei, and D. Blair, Polymorphic microsatellites in the human bloodfluke, Schsitosoma japonicum, identified using a genomic resource, Parasites and Vectors, 4, 13, 2011.

E. Carlton, M. Bates, B. Zhong, E. Seto, and R. Spear, The challenge of surveillance following disease control: the distribution of Schistosoma japonicum in mammalian and intermediate host populations in a reemerging region, PLoS Neg Trop Dis, 5,  3 , e987, 2011.

Profile Updated: July 11, 2013