Richard M. Scheffler PhD

Emeritus and Professor of the Graduate School
Director, Nicholas C. Petris Center
Director, Global Center for Health Economics and Policy Research
  • PhD - Economics, New York University, 1971
  • MA - Economics, Brooklyn College, 1967
  • BS - Economics, Hofstra University, 1965
  • Global Health Economics PH226D
  • Advanced PhD seminar PH299
  • Health Economics and Public Policy PH126
Research Interests: 
  • Health Policy and Health Economics
  • Competition and Regulation in Health Insurance Markets
  • The ACA and Covered California
  • Accountable Care Organizations and Market Power
  • Organization and Financing of Mental Health Services
  • Social Capital and Health
  • Global Health Workforce
  • Pay for Performance in the US and Around the Globe
  • Anxiety Disorders in Millenials 
Selected Publications: 

Scheffler, R.M. and Arnold, D. Insurer Market Power Lowers Prices In Numerous Concentrated Provider Markets. Health Affairs (September 2017).

Gabel, J., Arnold, D., Scheffler, R.M. Consumers Buy Lower-Cost Plans on Covered California Suggesting Premium Increases Are Less than Commonly Reported. Health Affairs (January 2017).

Scheffler, R.M. (Lead Editor), Herbst, C., Lemiere, C., Campbell, J. Health Labor Market Analyses in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: An Evidence-Based Approach. World Bank Group. (September, 2016)

Liu, J., Goryakin, Y., Bruckner, T., Maeda, A., Scheffler, R.M. Global Health Workforce Labor Market Projections for 2030. World Bank Group. Health Nutrition and Population Global Practice Group (August, 2016)

Scheffler, RM, Glied, S. States Can Contain Healthcare Costs. Here’s How. New York Times Op-Ed Contribution. (May 2, 2016)

Scheffler, R., Glied, S., Arnold, D., “Impact of Market Concentration on Premiums: Evidence from Covered California and New York State of Health. Health Affairs (May 2016)

Friedman, J., Scheffler, R.M., World Scientific Handbook Chapter (Volume 3): Pay for Performance in Health Systems Around the Globe. World Scientific Publishing. (January, 2016)

Scheffler, R.M. (Editor) World Scientific Handbook of Global Health Economics and Public Policy Volume 3: (3-volume set).  1: The Economics of Health and Health Systems; 2: Health Determinants and Outcomes; 3: Health Systems Characteristics and Performance. World Scientific Series in Global Health Economics and Public Policy. (January 3, 2016)

Scheffler, R.M. Kessell, E., Brandt, M., Covered California: The Impact of Provider and Health Plan Market Power on Premiums. Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law (October 2015).

Hollingshead, A., Fulton, B., Rushakoff, J., Scheffler, R.M. State Actions to Promote and Restrain Commercial Accountable Care Organizations. Milbank Memorial Fund (October 2015) 

Scheffler, R.M. Accountable Care Organizations: Integrated Care Meets Market Power. Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law (June, 2015)

Scheffler RM, Bowers LG, Fulton BD, Connors C, Shortell SM, Morrison I. A new vision for California's healthcare system: integrated care with aligned financial incentives. California Journal of Politics and Policy 6(2); 2014: 249-334

Scheffler, R. M., Rocco, L., Averett, S. Social Capital and Health: A Concept whose Time has Come. Eastern Economic Journal. Vol. 40. Number 2. (Spring, 2014)

Scheffler, R.M., Baghat, Y., Measures of Social and Capital. (Chapter 6) The Economics of Social Capital and Health. World Scientific Series in Global Health Economics and Public Policy: Volume 2. (January 2014) 

Other interests: 
  • Chair, Task force on Private Insurance- World Bank
  • International Health Economics Association- iHEA
Profile Updated: October 8, 2018