Richard M. Scheffler PhD

Distinguished Professor, Health Economics and Public Policy
Director, Nicholas C. Petris Center
Director, Global Center for Health Economics and Policy Research
  • PhD - Economics, New York University, 1971
  • MA - Economics, Brooklyn College, 1967
  • BS - Economics, Hofstra University, 1965
  • PH 226D International Health Economics (SP) 
  • PH 226D International Health Economics
Research Interests: 
  • Organization and financing of mental health services
  • Incentives and mergers in managed care
  • Reforming health systems in Eastern Europe
  • The supply of physicians in the 21st Century
Selected Publications: 

Scheffler, R.M. Is There a Doctor in the House? Market Signals and Tomorrow's Supply of Doctors. (Forthcoming: Stanford University Press, September 2008).

Scheffler, R.M., M. Potůcĕk, eds. Mental Health Care Reform in the Czech and Slovak Republics, 1989 to the Present. Prague, Czech Republic: Charles University Press, 2008.

Scheffler RM, Brown TT. Social Capital, Economics, and Health: New Evidence. Introduction. (Forthcoming: Health Economics, Policy and Law, 2008).

Scheffler, R.M., J.X. Liu, Y. Kinfu, and M.R. Dal Poz. "Forecasting the Global Shortages of Physicians: An Economic- and Needs-based Approach." The Bulletin of the World Health Organization 86:7 (July 2008): 516-523.

Schneider, J.E., P. Li, D.G. Klepser, N.A. Peterson, T.T. Brown, and R.M. Scheffler. "The Effect of Physician and Health Plan Market Concentration on Prices in Commercial Health Insurance Markets." International Journal of Health Finance and Economics 8:1 (March 2008): 13-26.

Scheffler, R.M., T.T. Brown, L. Syme, I. Kawachi, I. Tostykh, and C. Iribarren. "Community-Level Social Capital and Recurrence of Acute Coronary Syndrome." Social Science & Medicine 67:7 (2008): 1603-1613.
Preker, A.S., R.M. Scheffler, and M. Bassett, eds. Private Health Insurance in Development: Friend not Foe. The World Bank. (Forthcoming, 2006). 
Durkin, M.S., Helen Schneider, V.S. Pathania, K. Nelson, G. Solarsh, N.M. Bellows, R. Scheffler, and K.J. Hofman. "Disease Control Priorities in Low- and Middle-Income Countries." Learning and Developmental Disabilities, 2nd Edition, Chapter 53. (Forthcoming) 
Bokhari, F., R. Mayes, and R.M. Scheffler. "An Analysis of the Significant Variation in Psychostimulant Use across the U.S." Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety early view published online, DOI: 10.1002/pds.980, June 2004. 
Scheffler, R., and D. Eisenberg. "Cash Flow: How Money Makes Its Way through the Mental Health System." Family Therapy Magazine (Mar./Apr. 2004): 12-20. 
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Bloom, J. R., Hu, T., Wallace, N., Cuffel, B., Hausman, J. W., Sheu, M., Scheffler, R, "Mental Health Costs and Access Under Alternative Capitation Systems in Colorado", Health Services Research, 37(2), April 2002

Other interests: 
  • Chair, Task force on Private Insurance- World Bank
  • International Health Economics Association- iHEA
Profile Updated: March 16, 2012