Richard M. Scheffler PhD

Distinguished Professor, Health Economics and Public Policy
Director, Nicholas C. Petris Center
Director, Global Center for Health Economics and Policy Research
  • PhD - Economics, New York University, 1971
  • MA - Economics, Brooklyn College, 1967
  • BS - Economics, Hofstra University, 1965
  • Global Health Economics PH226D
  • Advanced PhD seminar PH299
  • Health Economics and Public Policy PH126
Research Interests: 
  • Health Policy and Health Economics
  • Competition and Regulation in Health Insurance Markets
  • The ACA and Covered California
  • Accountable Care Organizations and Market Power
  • Organization and Financing of Mental Health Services
  • Social Capital and Health
  • Global Health Workforce
  • Pay for Performance in the US and Around the Globe
Selected Publications: 

Scheffler, R.M. (Editor) World Scientific Handbook of Global Health Economics and Public Policy (3-volume set). World Scientific Series in Global Health Economics and Public Policy. (Forthcoming 2016)

Scheffler, R.M. Accountable Care Organizations: Integrated Care Meets Market Power. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. (June, 2015)

Scheffler, R.M., Hinshaw, S.P. The ADHD Explosion: Myths, Medication, Money, and Today's Push for Performance. (March 2014, Oxford University Press)

Scheffler, RM., Bowers, L., Fulton, B., Connors, C., Shortell, S., Morrison, I. The Berkeley Forum Report: A New Vision for California’s Healthcare System: Integrated Care with Aligned Financial Incentives. California Journal of Politics and Policy. (June, 2014)

Scheffler, R.M., Foster, J., Covered California: The Foundation of Obamacare, Success, Challenges, and the Road Ahead. Health Affairs Blog. (March, 2014) 

Scheffler, R. M., Rocco, L., Averett, S. Social Capital and Health: A Concept whose Time has Come. Eastern Economic Journal. Vol. 40. Number 2. (Spring, 2014)

Sousa, A., Scheffler R. M., Nyoni, J., Boerma, T. A comprehensive health labour market framework for universal health coverage; A comprehensive analysis in four African countries. World Health Organization Bulletin. (April, 2013)

Scheffler R.M., Bruckner T.A., Spetz J. The labour market for human resources for health in low- and middle-income countries. Human Resources for Health Observer. (July, 2012)

Hinshaw, S.P., R.M. Scheffler, B.D. Fulton, et al. International Variation in Treatment Procedures for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Social Context and Recent Trends. Psychiatric Services (May, 2011)

Scheffler, R.M. Is There a Doctor in the House? Market Signals and Tomorrow’s Supply of Doctors. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press (2008)

Other interests: 
  • Chair, Task force on Private Insurance- World Bank
  • International Health Economics Association- iHEA
Profile Updated: July 28, 2015