Ralph Catalano PhD, MRP

Professor of the Graduate School, Public Health
  • PH 226C: Public Health and the Economy
  • PH 200C: Public Health Breadth Course
  • PH 203A: Theories of Health and Social Behavior
  • PH 233: Seminar on Place and Health
Research Interests: 
  • The implications of selection in utero for population health
  • The economy of stressor
Research Description: 

Catalano studies the implications of population stressors for gestation. His best known work focuses on the economy as stressor and fetal death as an outcome. The work shows that environmental stressors affect who survives gestation and, therefore, the health of birth cohorts that sum into the populations for public health professionals take responsibility.

Current Projects: 

Catalano directs the California Perinatal Outcomes Project that estimates risk adjusted perinatal mortality for licensed obstetric services in the state. He is also director of the UC Berkeley Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholars Program. In addition, he is co-principal investigator on the NIH-funded R24 project that supports research on the Berkeley campus into early life predictors of later life health.

Selected Publications: 

Catalano, R., Margerison, C., Saxton, K., & Bruckner, T. (2010). Selection in utero: A biological response to mass layoffs. American Journal of Human Biology. 22: 396-400.

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Catalano, R. & Maus, M. (2004). Economic Antecedents of Temporal Variation in the Incidence of Ocular Trauma. Opthalmic Epidemiology, 11:279-290.

Other interests: 

Catalano is one of five elected members of the UC Berkeley Divisional Council that oversees the affairs of the campus Academic Senate.

Profile Updated: July 1, 2016