Student Voices

"I chose to come to Berkeley because they had one of the only concurrent degree programs in the country which would allow me to get my social work degree and my public health degree at the same time."

Student Voice: Carol Chao
MSW/MPH Concurrent Degree Program
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"The people in the School of Public Health are probably my favorite aspect of the School. They're fantastic, they're friendly, they are smart, and they're interdisciplinary, and we have so much fun together. I've made some really great friends just through my cohort. I've learned so much from them and hopefully they've learned a lot from me."

Student Voice: Pujeeta Chowdhary
Environmental Health Sciences MPH Program
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"Anything you want to do in the realm of health care, I think the MBA./MPH program equips you with the necessary skill set, the network that you need, and the knowledge base you need to go forward in your career."

Student Voice: Oliver Chu
MBA/MPH Concurrent Degree Program
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"I have felt that the School attracts people with a lot of cultural diversity and also diversity of life experience, and that really enriches a lot of the conversations."

Student Voice: Tiffany Clarke
Health & Social Behavior MPH Program
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"It's a great place to really explore your ideas, even if you think you know exactly what you want to do when you come in."

Student Voice: Dionne Jirachaikitti
MPP/MPH Concurrent Degree Program
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"I don't think that it's the requirements that are the most difficult part of the one-year program. The most difficult part of the one year program is that there's so much to do and learn and see that you don't want to finish in a year!"

Student Voice: Ayesha Khan
Interdisciplinary MPH Program
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"Berkeley has the most phenomenal professors, and at any time they have several ongoing research projects. They are absolutely excited and willing to engage students at all levels of the research program."

Student Voice: Lauren Lessard
Maternal & Child Health MPH Program
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"When I think of three adjectives to describe the School of Public Health, I think of 'comprehensive,' I think of 'current,' and I think of 'collaborative.'"

Student Voice: Markell Lewis
Public Health Nutrition MPH Program
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"If you go to a school like Berkeley, they give you the core requirement, and then after that they say, 'Go and do whatever you want, come back and share it with your cohort.' And that's exactly what you can do, and I just like that sort of freedom. And here the whole Bay Area is actually at your fingertips, so it's just great."

Student Voice: Paul Maitland-McKinley
Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology MPH Program
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"My favorite part about HPM is being able to talk to my classmates. Being in class with the same 15 people for the past two years has really been to all of our benefits, and being able to develop a friendship that will outlast the program makes HPM an enjoyable experience."

Student Voice: Dennise Rosas
Health Policy & Management MPH Program
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"I'm really happy about my decision to come to Berkeley. It's really been pretty much everything I've expected in terms of being able to define my own program and my own vision for the future. And that's really the key is to be able to have that freedom to explore but within this guided program. It's really been one of the best decisions I've made."

Student Voice: Joe Schuchter
DrPH Program
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"I think that the passion and the resources available to the students and the faculty at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health really set it apart from any other school of public health in the nation."

Student Voice: Stephanie Stramotas
Epidemiology/Biostatistics MPH Program
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