The following are a selection of courses offered by the Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership (CPHPL). Actual course offerings or course titles may change year to year, and students are advised to check the online course catalog for the most up-to-date listing.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Public Health? (Public Health 291-Fall Semester) The field of public health is dynamic and ever-changing. It's estimated that in the next five years there will be a need for over 250,000 public health professionals. The shortage of health leaders and professionals provides great challenges as well as opportunities for those entering the field. This course is designed to provide you with a dynamic experience in learning about the breadth of career opportunities for those with a degree in public health while exploring the field of public health foundation. Over the course of the semester, you'll have the opportunity to: meet and network with public health professionals from a wide range of disciplines in a series of panels, as they share their expertise on a designated topic and insights into their own career paths; hear from graduate students who will share their experiences and perspectives of field placements in a variety of work settings; and focus on ways you can advance your own professional development in targeted sessions. This course is open to graduate and undergraduate students. Learn more in our flyer!

Health Policy Advocacy (Public Health 220D-Fall and Spring Semester) This course focuses on data-based strategies using persuasive written and oral communication skills necessary to preserve and/ or improve the health status of the populations. The course will allow students to understand and situate the important role of focused public health advocacy in the spectrum of public health practice. Students will develop research, organization, and coalition-building skills necessary to produce an effective advocacy campaign. The course identifies the roles of those involved in the making of policy and demonstrates the use of appropriate channels and technologies to influence health policy change.

Past Course Offerings

Advocacy in Action: Health Policy Advocacy Group Study (Public Health 298-Fall and Spring Semesters) This course will provide students practical advocacy opportunities through a field placement with advocacy organizations that address public health and social justice issues. Students will broaden and deepen their advocacy skills and knowledge and gain exposure in advocacy specific jobs and career paths. This course is part of the Advocacy Initiative at the School of Public Health.

Leadership & Professional Development Course (Public Health 291-Spring 2017) PH 291 will introduce students to specialized leadership, professional development, and community engagement competencies and skills needed in the public health workplace and useful for addressing compelling public health problems. The course uses an experiential, project-based, and case-based curriculum facilitated by UC Berkeley faculty, public health practitioners and consultants with expertise in the core competency topic areas and will culminate in a public health case competition for application through a problem-based learning model.

Culture, Public Health Practice and Eliminating Health Disparities: From Ideas to Action in the 21st Century (Public Health 204-Spring Semester) Public health literature and practice make frequent reference to the terms culture, cultural competence, race, racism, ethnicity, and health disparities. Understanding these terms, their complex meanings and current application in public health practice is the subject matter of this course. By the end of the course students will be able to describe the concepts of culture, race, racism, ethnicity, cultural competence, cultural humility, health disparities and their use in public health theory and practice; identify and describe the application of these concepts in local public health practice; and demonstrate an understanding of these concepts and their application in public health practice through the completion of a group project.

Health Communications in the Digital Era: Social Media, New Media, and Digital Innovations for Good (Public Health 290-Fall Semester) Experiment, play, & engage with students from all disciplines as you learn to wield social media tools, create your own new media productions, & lead digital innovation initiatives for social good. Join us in this virtual and in-classroom experience: lectures & tutorials inside and outside of the classroom / engaged discussion & hands-on activities in the classroom. Explore our course blog - Social and Digital Innovations for Health Communications.