Patricia Morgan PhD

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: 
  • Cross-cultural studies of Methamphetamine use
  • Evaluation of community prevention programs for high risk youth
Selected Publications: 

Morgan P and Laidler KJ, "Citizens and outlaws: Methamphetamine and the context of women's experience in the illicit drug economy", Journal of Drug Issues, Vol 26, No 1, Winter, 1996

Morgan P and Beck J, "The legacy and the paradox: A comparative study of Methamphetamine in three communities", in H. Klee (ed) Amphetamine Misuse: International Perspectives on Current Trends, Harwood Press, 1997

Matza D and Morgan P, "Controlling drug use: The great prohibition", in Blomberg T and Cohen S (eds) Essays in Honor of Sheldon Messinger, New York: Adeline, 1995

Vaeth P, Morgan P, and Kaskutas L, "Examining the link between provider roles and program development: Findings from a process evaluation of a community-based prevention program", Journal of Primary Prevention, 16(1), 1/1/1996

Profile Updated: December 14, 2007