Patricia B. Crawford PhD, RD

Adjunct Professor
Senior Director of Research, Nutrition Policy Institute
Cooperative Extension Specialist, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology
Research Interests: 
  • Epidemiology of pediatric overweight, with a focus on disparities
  • Dietary determinants of overweight
  • Pediatric overweight interventions
  • Community based obesity prevention
  • School nutrition intervention and policy
  • Nutrition assessment
Selected Publications: 

Crawford P, Schneider CL, Martin AC, Spezzano T, Algert S, Ganthavorn C, Nicholson Y, Neelon M, Wooten Swanson PC, Donahue S. Communitywide strategies key to preventing childhood obesity. California Agriculture. 2013 67(1):13-20.

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Profile Updated: September 26, 2013