Nina Holland PhD

Adjunct Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
  • PH256: Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology and Human Health in the 21st Century (Spring)
Research Interests: 
  • Children's environmental health
  • Environmental epigenetics
  • Molecular epidemiology
  • Human cytogenetics
  • Biological banking
Selected Publications: 

Holland, N., Lizarraga, D., and Huen, K. (2015) Recent progress in the genetics and epigenetics of paraoxonase: why it is relevant to children's environmental health, Curr Opin Pediatr 27, 240-247.

Eskenazi, B., Kogut, K., Huen, K., Harley, K. G., Bouchard, M., Bradman, A., Barr, D.B., Johnson, C., and Holland, N. (2014) Organophosphate pesticide exposure, PON1, and neurodevelopment in school-age children from the CHAMACOS study, Environmental Research 134, 149-157.

Huen K,Yousefi P, Bradman A, Yan L, Harley KG, Kogut K, Eskenazi B, Holland, N. 2014. Effects of age, sex, and persistent organic pollutants on DNA methylation in children, Env.Molec Mutagenesis, 55:209-222.

Dannemiller KC, Mendell MJ, Macher JM, Kumagai K, Bradman A, Holland N, Eskenazi B, Peccia J. 2014. Next-generation DNA sequencing reveals that low fungal diversity in house dust is associated with childhood asthma development. Indoor Air 24:236-247.

Volberg, V., Heggeseth, B., Harley, K., Huen, K., Yousefi, P., Davé, V., Tyler, K., Vedar, M., Eskenazi, B., and Holland, N. 2013. Adiponectin and leptin trajectories in Mexican-American children from birth to 9 years of age, PLoS One 8, e77964.

Yousefi, P., Huen, K., Schall, R. A., Decker, A., Elboudwarej, E., Quach, H., Barcellos, L., and Holland, N. 2013. Considerations for normalization of DNA methylation data by Illumina 450K BeadChip assay in population studies, Epigenetics 8:11,1-12.

Huen K, Harley K, Beckman K, Eskenazi B, Holland N: Associations of PON1 and Genetic Ancestry with Obesity in Early Childhood, PLoS ONE, 2013

Holland, N., Fucic, A., Merlo, D. F., Sram, R., and Kirsch-Volders, M. 2011. Micronuclei in neonates and children: effects of environmental, genetic, demographic and disease variables, Mutagenesis 26, 51-56.

Holland, N., Furlong, C., Bastaki, M., Richter, R., Bradman, A., Huen, K., Beckman, K., and Eskenazi, B. 2006.Paraoxonase polymorphisms, haplotypes, and enzyme activity in Latino mothers and newborns, Environ Health Perspect114, 985-991.

Holland, N. T., Pfleger, L., Berger, E., Ho, A., and Bastaki, M. 2005.Molecular epidemiology biomarkers--sample collection and processing considerations, Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 206, 261-268.

Other interests: 
  • Director of the Children's Environmental Health Laboratory, SPH Biorepository, Global Berkeley Campus, Richmond CA
  • Committee for Protection of Human Subjects, UC Berkeley
  • Regents and Chancellors Scholarship Committee, UC Berkeley
  • Pregnancy and Children Epigenetics International Consortium (PACE)
  • International Committee on Micronucleus Assay in Human Populations (HUMN)
Profile Updated: October 8, 2018