Nicholas P. Jewell PhD

Emeritus and Professor of the Graduate School
  • Harkness Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University, 1976-1978
  • PhD - Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, 1976
  • BA - Applied Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, 1973
  • PH 240A
  • PH 241
  • PH 242C
Research Interests: 
  • Statistical methods related to infectious diseases, including AIDS
  • Biostatistical techniques in epidemiological data analysis
  • Survival analysis and stochastic processes
  • Genomics
Selected Publications: 

Jewell NP. Quantifying the source of infection for HIV-infected hemophiliacs in the UK from 1979—1984. Statistics in Medicine 2009. 28: 1464-72.

Rosenblum M, Jewell NP, van der Laan MJ, Shiboski S, van der Straten A, Padian N. Analyzing direct effects in randomized trials with secondary intervention: An application to HIV prevention trials. Journal of the Royal Statistical Association, Series A. 2009. 172: 443-65.

Young J, Jewell NP, Samuels S. Regression analysis of a disease onset distribution using diagnosis data, Biometrics 2008. 64: 20-8.

Jewell NP, Lei X, Ghani AC, Donnelly C, Leung GM, Ho IM, Hedley AJ. Non-parametric estimation of the case fatality ratio with competing risks data: an application to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Statistics in Medicine 2007. 26: 1982-98.

Jewell NP. Statistics for Epidemiology, Chapman & Hall, New York, 2003.

Profile Updated: August 8, 2018