Video Room


May 20 2012 PH290 Fall 2012 Digital Stories: Doctor Doctora

UC Berkeley student Kate Halkerston interviews Rubi Cortes about her experiences as a medical student and physician of color in the United States.

May 20 2012 PH290 Fall 2012 Digital Stories: Inspiration, A Public Health Example

UC Berkeley student Justin Rausa explores lessons learned from his two years of Peace Corps service building latrines in Namibia.

May 20 2012 PH290 Fall 2012 Digital Stories: Why Start Running?

Anna Chen Arroyo interviews Ashley Wilson about her motivation to run the Stanford “Dish” Trail.

Apr 04 2012 Edward E. Penhoet Lecture 2012

Public Health Genomics: from the Science of Discovery to the Science of Action
Speaker: Muin j. Khoury, MD, PhD
Director, Office of Public Health Genomics, CDC

Mar 21 2012 Stuart H. Altman Lecture 2012

Are ACO’s and Bundled Payments the “New New Things”: What Happened to the Old New Things? Speaker: Stuart H. Altman Chaikin Professor of National Health Policy

Mar 20 2012 Public Health Heroes Gala Awards Reception 2012

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health presented its 16th Annual Public Health Heroes Awards to Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights; and Dr. Marcus A. Conant, dermatologist and HIV/AIDS primary care physician. See the award presentations and acceptances.

Feb 26 2012 PH290 Fall 2011 Digital Stories: From a Long Line of Tough Ladies

UC Berkeley student Jen Loy describes four generations of tough ladies in her family with particular attention to her grandmother and daughter.

Feb 26 2012 PH290 Fall 2011 Digital Stories: Pieces of Dream

UC Berkeley student Jiajing Li explores the experiences of employment and education in an immigrant family’s quest to achieve their dreams.

Jan 15 2012 PH290 Fall 2011 Digital Stories: A Roda de Capoeria

UC Berkeley student Aviva Lipkowitz describes her experience practicing Capoeria in Brazil and the United States.