New and Experienced Faculty and Lecturers Receive Teaching Excellence Awards

October 31, 2016

Assistant professor of epidemiology Patrick Bradshaw has a curious spirit, a sharp outlook, and an easy way of talking. “I’m a rambler,” he admits, with a welcoming smile. After only one semester teaching on the UC Berkeley faculty, Bradshaw is receiving an award from the School’s Committee on Teaching Excellence (CoTE), along with many other more senior School of Public Health faculty members and lecturers.

Patrick Bradshaw in office

Since forming in 2013, the CoTE has awarded instructors for teaching excellence each semester. Among the Spring 2016 honorees is Patrick Bradshaw, for teaching Epidemiologic Theory (PH250C). This specific course hadn’t been formally taught since legendary Professor of Epidemiology Ira Tager retired in 2011, and one of the reasons Bradshaw came to Berkeley was to revive it. 

“Patrick is exceptional,” says Lisa Barcellos, professor and CoTE chair. “Not only did he step in as a new faculty member to teach the course—it was popular with the students and scored very well.”

Bradshaw found his way to epidemiology through earlier academic work in econometrics and statistics. He still works with population data, but now he applies his methods to public health issues such as post-diagnosis lifestyle changes for cancer patients and understanding metabolic syndrome. 

Throughout his career, Bradshaw has mastered many techniques to help clean up data, and he has even pioneered methods to account for missing data. In his class, he confronts his students with actual, historical datasets.

“They should be touching data that feels like data they’re going to touch in the real world,” Bradshaw says, “and real-world data are messy.” 

“The material we covered could be very daunting at the outset,” says Jennifer Ames, a student in Bradshaw’s class last semester, “and Patrick helped us embrace that learning is a lot more successful and fun when you can be transparent and open about the struggle of it.” 

“The literature can be daunting,” agrees Holly Stewart, another student. “But he made it easy to get excited about the course material.”

Stewart enjoyed Bradshaw’s three-lecture introduction to Bayesian Statistical models so much that she requested Independent Study with him this semester. “Patrick's enthusiasm for epidemiology and biostatistics is infectious,” she says. 

Bradshaw describes teaching as a process of continuous learning. “The students challenge me to really understand the material,” he says. His left eyebrow rises slightly when talking about his students’ curiosity, feeling it as his own. “A student may be focused in on one aspect of something, and that forces me to understand it as well as they do.” 

Ellie Colson Matthay, another student from Bradshaw’s class last semester, will help Professor Bradshaw teach the class next semester as his GSI. “At times the class felt like a technical lecture from someone with a lot more expertise than us, and at other times it felt like we were all colleagues discussing our work,” she says. “He had been in our shoes recently enough to remember what it was like.”

 “I like the idea that you have academic children and grandchildren,” Bradshaw says. “You can see your lineage going forward.” 

All of the following teachers can look forward to seeing their impact on the world reflected positively through the future work of their students. To receive a CoTE award strict criteria are applied.  Both instructor and course must receive a median score of 6 or higher (out of 7) on evaluations and have five or more enrolled students. The course must also include formal evaluation of student performance and have at least 70% of evaluations returned. Courses must be formally recognized by the Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (all courses) and the Senate Committee on Curriculum and Instruction (permanent courses). 

By Jaron Zanerhaft

Spring 2016 CoTE awardees

The faculty members and lecturers honored for teaching excellence in Spring 2016 are:

Infectious Disease & Vaccinology/Infectious Diseases & Immunity
Gertrude Buehring 
Peter Dailey 
Fenyong Liu 
Kathy Loretz 
Lee Riley
John Swartzberg 

Environmental Health Sciences
John Balmes
Lisa Barcellos 
Nina Holland
Amy Kyle
Charlotte Smith
Kirk Smith
Luoping Zhang

Barbara Abrams
Jen Ahern
Heidi Bauer 
Lisa Barcellos 
Patrick Bradshaw
Ray Catalano 
Mi-Suk Kang Dufour
Wayne Enanoria
Scott Lee 
Sandi McCoy
Mahasin Mujahid
Art Reingold
Sharon Sagiv
Olof Stephansson

David Lein
Lexin Li
John Marshall
Steve Selvin

Health Policy & Management
Robin Flagg 
Paul Gertler
Ann Keller 
Jeff Oxendine 
James Robinson
Hector Rodriguez
Lonnie Snowden

Interdisciplinary MPH
Lisa Barcellos
Stefano Bertozzi
Sarah Gamble 
Anke Hemmerling
Nap Hosang 
Karen Hughes 
Jen Lachance 
Phuoc Le
Kris Madsen 
Robin Mills 
Iman Nezeeri-Simmons
Jeff Oxendine
Cheri Pies
Charlotte Smith
Bill Satariano
Jaspal Sandhu 
David Tuller

UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Lela Bachrach 
John Balmes 
Jennifer Breckler 
Ron Dahl 
Amy Garlin 
Jodi Halpern
Susan Ivey 
Doug Jutte 
Claudia Landau 
Kris Madsen 
Kent Olson 
Karen Sokal-Gutierrez 
Ann Stevens 
John Swartzberg 
Jess Waldura 

Community Health Sciences
Julianna Deardorff
Sonya Dublin
Lia Fernald
Darlene Francis
Jodi Halpern
Kim Harley
Cindy Leung
Linda Neuhauser
Doug Oman
Leonard Syme

On-Campus/Online MPH
Mara Decker
Brent Fulton
Robyn Gershon
Nap Hosang
Joseph Houska