Ndola Prata MD, MSc

Fred H. Bixby, Jr. Endowed Chair in Population and Family Planning
Professor in Residence, Maternal and Child Health
Director, Bixby Center for Population, Health and Sustainability
  • PH 213A: Family Planning Population change and Health
  • PH 212A: International Maternal and Child Health
  • PH 212E: The role of the private sector in health care in developing countries
  • PH 181: Poverty and Population
  • HMS 298: UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program (JMP) Thesis Seminar
Research Interests: 
  • Access and financing of reproductive health, family planning and maternal health services in developing countries
  • The role of private sector
  • Adolescent reproductive health services in developing countries
  • Maternal mortality in resource-scarce settings: measurement; what works; how to prioritize interventions; task shifting and sharing current projects
  • Estimating maternal mortality using community-based approaches
  • The use of misoprostol to manage postpartum hemorrhage and treatment of incomplete abortion in developing countries
  • Health care delivery systems that serve the poor
  • Provision of long term contraceptive methods by community-based distribution of contraceptives
  • Cost-effectiveness in family planning, comprehensive abortion care and maternal health interventions
Research Description: 

Design, implementation and evaluation of maternal health interventions that make the best use of existing health care infrastructure and maximizes human resources in developing countries.

Current Projects: 
  • Distribution and financing mechanisms to improve access to family planning
Selected Publications: 

Prata N, Weidert K, Fraser A, Gessessew A. Meeting Rural Demand: A Case for Combining Community-Based Distribution and Social Marketing of Injectable Contraceptives in Tigray, Ethiopia. PLoS One. 2013; 8(7): e68794.

Prata N, Passano P, Bell S, Rowen T, Potts M. New hope: community-based misoprostol use to prevent postpartum haemorrhage. Health Policy Plan. 2013; 28(4): 339-46.

Prata N, Bell S, Gessessew A. Comprehensive abortion care: evidence of improvements in hospital-level indicators in Tigray, Ethiopia. BMJ Open. 2013; 3(7).

Prata N, Ejembi C, Fraser A, Shittu O, Minkler M. Community mobilization to reduce postpartum hemorrhage in home births in northern Nigeria. Soc Sci Med. 2012; 74(8): 1288-96.

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Prata N, Montagu D, Jefferys E. Private sector, human resources and health franchising in Africa. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. 2005; 83(4): 274-9.

Profile Updated: July 21, 2016