Maya L. Petersen MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Biostatistics & Epidemiology
  • Fellow - Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • MD - University of California, San Francisco
  • PhD - Biostatistics,  University of California, Berkeley
Research Interests: 
  • Causal inference
  • Dynamic treatment regimes
  • HIV
  • Antiretroviral resistance
Research Description: 

Dr. Petersen's research focuses on the development and application of novel causal inference methods to problems in health, with a focus on the treatment and prevention of HIV. She has a strong interest in and has published on the interface between biostatistics, epidemiology, and clinical medicine.

Selected Publications: 

Bembom O, Petersen ML, Rhee SY, Fessel WJ, Sinisi SE, Shafer R, van der Laan MJ. Biomarker discovery using targeted maximum likelihood estimation: Application to the treatment of antiretroviral resistant HIV infection.Statistics in Medicine : 2009 28(1):152-72.

Petersen ML , van der Laan MJ. Direct Effect Models. The International Journal of Biostatistics : 2008 4(1): Article 23.

Petersen ML, van der Laan MJ, Napravnik S, Eron J, Moore R, Deeks S. Long Term Consequences of the Delay between Virologic Failure of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy and Regimen Modification: a Prospective Cohort Study. AIDS : 2008 22(16):2097-106.

Petersen ML, Wang Y, van der Laan MJ, Guzman D, Riley E, and Bangsberg DR. Pillbox Organizers are Associated with Improved Adherence to HIV Antiretroviral Therapy and Viral Suppression: A Marginal Structural Model Analysis.Clinical Infectious Diseases : 2007 45(7):908-15.

Petersen ML, Deeks SG, van der Laan, MJ. Individualized Treatment Rules: Generating Candidate Clinical Trials.Statistics in Medicine: 2007 26(25):4578-601.

Petersen ML, Deeks SG, Martin JN, van der Laan MJ. History-Adjusted Marginal Structural Models to Estimate Time-Varying Effect Modification. American Journal of Epidemiology: 2007 166(9):985-93.

Petersen ML, van der Laan MJ, Response to Invited Commentary: Petersen et. al. Respond to "Effect Modification by Time-varying Covariates". American Journal of Epidemiology: 2007 166(9):1003-1004

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Petersen ML, Wang Y, van der Laan MJ, Bangsberg D. Assessing the Effectiveness of Antiretroviral Adherence Interventions: Using Marginal Structural Models to Replicate the Findings of Randomized Controlled Trials. JAIDS2006: 43 (Suppl 1): S96-S103

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Steiner H, Petersen ML, Saxena K, Ford S, Matthews Z. Divalproex sodium for the treatment of conduct disorder: a randomized controlled clinical trial. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 2003; 64(10):1183-91.

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