Mark Fleming PhD

Assistant Professor
PhD - Medical Anthropology, University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley 
MS - Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
BA - Biology, Oberlin College 

219E Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Public Health Research

Research Interests: 
  • Ethnography and qualitative methods 
  • Stress and chronic disease 
  • Social determinants of health and health disparities 
  • Health systems research and healthcare access
  • Social difference, power, and inequality 
  • Criminal justice involvement as a determinant of health
  • Urban transportation
Selected Publications: 

Fleming, M. D., Shim, J. K., Yen, I., Van Natta, M., Hanssmann, C., & Burke, N. J. (2018). Caring for “Super-utilizers”: Neoliberal Social Assistance in the Safety-net. Medical Anthropology Quarterly.

Van Natta, M., Burke, N. J., Yen, I. H., Fleming, M. D., Hanssmann, C. L., Rasidjan, M. P., & Shim, J. K. (2019). Stratified citizenship, stratified health: Examining latinx legal status in the U.S. healthcare safety net. Social Science & Medicine220, 49–55. 

Fleming, M. D., Shim, J. K., Yen, I. H., Thompson-Lastad, A., Rubin, S., Van Natta, M., & Burke, N. J. (2017). Patient engagement at the margins: Health care providers’ assessments of engagement and the structural determinants of health in the safety-net. Social Science & Medicine183, 11–18.

Natta, M. V., Burke, N. J., Yen, I. H., Rubin, S., Fleming, M. D., Thompson‐Lastad, A., & Shim, J. K. (2018). Complex care and contradictions of choice in the safety net. Sociology of Health & Illness40(3), 538–551.

Thompson-Lastad, A., Yen, I. H., Fleming, M. D., Van Natta, M., Rubin, S., Shim, J. K., & Burke, N. J. (2017). Defining trauma in complex care management: Safety-net providers’ perspectives on structural vulnerability and time. Social Science & Medicine186, 104–112. 

Fleming, M. D. (2016). Mass Transit Workers and Neoliberal Time Discipline in San Francisco. American Anthropologist118(4), 784–795.

Profile Updated: December 17, 2018