Malcolm Potts MB, BChir, PhD, FRCOG

Professor of the Graduate School, Public Health
  • PH 116: Seminar on Social, Political and Ethical Issues/Health and Medical Apprenticeship Program
  • PH 181: Population and Poverty (co-taught Prata and Campbell)
Research Interests: 
  • Mobilization of resources for international family planning
  • Reducing nonevidence-based barriers preventing access to contraception and safe abortion
  • Reducing maternal deaths, especially through the use of misoprostol to control postpartum hemorrhage
  • Evolution of human sexual behavior
  • Biological origins of human warfare
  • AIDS prevention strategies, resources, and role of male circumcision
Current Projects: 

A focus on the perfect storm of population, climate and gender problems arising in the Sahel. The Bixby Center, The College of Natural Resources and the African Institute for Population and Development hosted the first OASIS (Organizing to Advance Solutions in the Sahel) conference in September 2012.

Selected Publications: 

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Other interests: 
  • Head, Global Health Specialty Area, School of Public Health
  • Foundation board member, Population Services International, Washington, DC
  • Board Member Venure Strategies for Health and Development, California
Profile Updated: July 7, 2017