Linda Neuhauser DrPH, MPH

Clinical Professor, Community Health Sciences
Co-Principal Investigator, Health Research for Action
  • DrPH - School of Public Health, UC Berkeley
  • MPH - School of Public Health, UC Berkeley
  • PH 201E: Public Health Interventions: Theory, Research and Practice
  • PH 293: DrPH seminar 
Research Interests: 
  • Translational and transdisciplinary research
  • Interventions theory, research, and practice
  • Design Sciences and participatory design of interventions
  • Health communication and health literacy research, interventions, and policy
  • Parenting education interventions
  • Patient and community engagement in health and healthcare
  • Oral health, nutrition, food security, and hunger
Research Description: 

Linda Neuhauser is Clinical Professor of Community Health Sciences at UC Berkeley and Co-Principal Investigator at the Health Research for Action center. My research and teaching are focused on transdisciplinary, translational, and participatory approaches to improve large-scale health interventions and policies. I have a special interest in collaborative design and evaluation of mass communication that meets people's literacy, language, cultural, access, and other needs.

Current Projects: 

My current projects include: participatory design of wellness interventions for migrant factory workers in China, parenting education in the U.S. and Australia, co-creation and evaluation of health information for patients and the lay public, patient engagement under healthcare reform, statewide oral health programs, and transforming communication with Medicaid beneficiaries.

Selected Publications: 

Neuhauser, L. (2018) Practical and scientific foundations of transdisciplinary research and action. In: D. Fam, L. Neuhauser and P. Gibbs. (Eds.) Collaborative Research and Collective Learning: Transdisciplinary research and practice. Springer Press.

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Neuhauser, L. Integrating participatory design and health literacy to improve research and interventions. Information Services & Use. 2017;37:153-176. Available online

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