Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership

On behalf of the Board, we are happy to announce our new name: The Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership (SCIL, pronounced "skill"). We listened to valuable feedback from current members and chose the new name and brand to reflect our mission and commitment to:

  • A collaborative environment
  • The diversity of our School of Public Health programs
  • Our impact on health leadership
  • A focus on professional skill development

SCIL - formerly the Center for Health Leadership Association (CHLA) - is a professional, student-run organization whose vision is to empower students to become leaders in the public health field. It’s comprised of students from every concentration at the School of Public Health and is governed by a student board who gain valuable experience learning how to build and manage a decision-making body.

SCIL aims to provide students with professional development opportunities that will:

  • Give them a platform to take initiative and execute new ideas;
  • Strengthen key skills, such as networking, communication, collaboration, and project management;
  • Help them build connections with School of Public Health students, organizations, faculty, staff and alumni through professional development and social events

SCIL Vision

SCIL members from all disciplines will become leaders and embrace the challenges facing the field of public health today. We recognize that all students bring valuable leadership skills and unique experiences to the School of Public Health. We will provide members with fun and collaborative opportunities to enhance their real-world skills. The SCIL will leverage local, statewide, and global alumni to build a community of public health leaders.

Get Involved

Are you interested in joining a completely student-led professional development group at the School of Public Health? Are you looking for ways to improve your leadership skills? Are you looking to build and strengthen your professional network? Are you looking to meet new people across all concentrations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should join the Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership (SCIL).

There are several ways you can participate in the SCIL this year:

SCIL Board Member – The SCIL Board serves as guiding members of the SCIL who are also active in at least one committee. Board members serve for two years and dedicate 10 to 12 hours per month to committee work and monthly SCIL board meetings. You can learn more about the board below. Applications for the Board are now closed. Thank you to all who have applied!
SCIL Member – SCIL members are active in at least one SCIL committee throughout the school year and dedicate four to eight hours per month participating in committee meetings and executing projects. Become a SCIL member here.

SCIL Board and Members

The SCIL is governed by a Student Board of 12 students who gain valuable experience learning how to build and manage a decision-making body. Board members serve as project managers for each SCIL committee. The SCIL has three committees:

  • Conference: The Conference committee meets once a week from October – February to plan SCIL’s annual storytelling conference, StoryCon. Members of this committee gain skills in project management, event planning, photography/videography, marketing design, coaching, and evaluation.
  • Leaders-in-Action-Grants: The LiA committee supports several student-led pojects funded by SCIL. Every year, SPH students can apply for a $500 grant to fund a project to support the School, Cal, or the community. LiA committee members publicize the program, facilitate information sessions, review and select applications, monitor progress, support grantees, and review outcomes.
  • Networking and Events: The N&E committee works to strengthen the sense of community among graduate students at the School through scheduled social events. These events allow for interdisciplinary networking across concentrations and other SPH organizations, as well as provide opportunities to connect and network with alumni and public health professionals. N&E committee members also plan a variety of professional development training workshops and events throughout each semester, including the annual Shadow Day and annual spring festival, DeStress Fest.

All SCIL members are active in at least one committee through the school year, and SCIL Board Members also serve as project managers for their respective committees.

2016-17 Board Members

The experience of serving as a board member for SCIL's governing body provides students with a hands-on way to develop their leadership skills. The Board also provides a unique opportunity for learning how to build and manage a decision-making body and allows for relationship building between concentrations and degree programs.

The application for new board members has already passed, but we are always looking for new members! Please attend one of our upcoming meetings or feel free to get in touch with us at

Chrissy Badaracco

Chrissy Badaracco - MPH
Public Health Nutrition,
Class of 2017

Lauren Caton

Lauren Caton - MPH,
Maternal and Child Health,
Class of 2018

Linh Hồng Chương

Linh Hồng Chương
Health and Policy Management,
Class of 2018

Caity Connolly

Caity Connolly - MPH
Health and Policy Management,
Class of 2018

Daniela Flores

Daniela Flores - MPH
Public Health Nutrition,
Class of 2018

Elise Harb

Elise Harb - MS
Class of 2017

Priya Mehta MBA

Brittany Margot - MPH
Maternal and Child Health,
Class of 2017

Hmelissa Mlo

Hmelissa Mlo - MPH
Maternal and Child Health
Class of 2017

Simone Saldanha

Simone Saldanha - MPH
Public Health Nutrition,
Class of 2017

Sofia Villagomez

Sofia Villagomez - MPH
Public Health Nutrition,
Class of 2018

Past Programs

The SCIL—formerly the Center for Health Leadership Association (CHLA)—has held numerous programs in the past, including:

Mentorship Program: A program that worked to build and develop meaningful and lasting connections between future, current, and past SPH students (2011-2013).

Social Capital: The Social Capital Committee created a space for cross-concentration interaction among CHLA members, as well as all SPH graduate students (2012-2013).

Public Service Announcements: The CHLA Public Service Announcement Committee aimed to spread the word about public health through various forms of media (2012-2013).

Public Health Interventions: Mind Your Health, a semester-long, school-wide campaign by the Public Health Interventions Subcommittee of the CHL Student Board, focused on increasing the awareness of mental health issues that affect college students and providing information and resources about the various facets of mental health (2011-2012).

Leadership Development Board: This board coordinated the development of the CHL Association and various trainings, sessions and events (2011-2012).

Pfizer Series: A Distinguished Health Speakers Series sponsored by the Pfizer "Moments in Leadership" Grand Rounds Series and the UCB CHL Student Board.

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