Center for Health Leadership


Since 2008, CPHP’s Center for Health Leadership (CHL) at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health has enhanced the School’s curricular, co-curricular and experiential offerings to inspire and prepare graduate students to be effective health leaders and professionals and to learn how to “lead from where you are.” It achieved this by building on and expanding the leadership development activities offered through the Center for Public Health Practice (CPHP) and throughout the School of Public Health.

In late summer of 2016, we unified our name to Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership to reflect our shared values across programs and our ongoing commitment to support students, faculty, alumni and practitioners to achieve excellence in practice and leadership as they promote individual and community health.

As we work to build our unified presence under one online “roof” on the School of Public Health website, we invite you to visit to learn more about the core leadership development opportunities for students listed below, as well as the wealth of past leadership programs, events, and trainings.

What do we mean by leadership?

We believe everyone can be a leader, and that we can lead from wherever we are.

At CPHPL, we are not only addressing organizational leadership (the type most commonly associated with the term) but also thought leadership (which includes research and teaching) and leadership through advocacy and community organizing. Whether we are called upon to lead in government, communities, non-profits, or the private sector, locally or globally, in public health or in healthcare, we all can develop ourselves to be of service to important goals by leading in a wide variety of roles and approaches. We see leadership as "stepping up," offering to be "of service," using our skills to help facilitate, organize, mentor, guide, and develop or advance initiatives, projects, policies and organization.

Student Opportunities

Students can take advantage of leadership development resources and programming by:

  • Enrolling in classes and workshops
  • Participating in the Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership (SCIL), and the SCIL Board
  • Attending the Annual Leadership Day and SCIL events, workshops, and annual conference
  • Exploring and using the many valuable resources in the CHL Toolkit

Leadership Development Programs

All programs are based on the core guiding principles of action-based learning and the value of diversity. 

Center for Health Leadership Fellows: The Leadership Fellows program is an 18-month leadership development program that is built on the principle of developing leaders from the inside-out. The program both inspires students to become the best that they can be, and helps them to develop leadership capacities in areas like communication, project management, strategic thinking and problem solving. Learn more.

Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership Board (SCIL Board): The SCIL Board is a self-managed group that engages 12 students from almost all School concentrations to focus on developing leadership programs and activities. The experience of serving as a student board member provides students with a hands-on way to develop their own leadership skills by working as the governing body of the SCIL. The SCIL Board also provides a unique opportunity for learning how to build and manage a decision-making body and allows for relationship building between concentrations and degree programs. Learn more.

Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership (SCIL): The SCIL is a public health based professional group dedicated to developing leadership skills through interdisciplinary collaboration. This new student-driven collaborative allows members to shape their own professional development. SCIL members have the ability to work on a variety of projects; some of the areas of focus include: leadership development, interdisciplinary collaborations, annual StoryCon conference, leaders-in-action grants, public health interventions, and mentorship. Learn more.

CHL Toolkit: The Center for Health Leadership (CHL) Toolkit is a practical "go-to" resource with leadership tools and frameworks that can be applied to be more effective in one’s projects, internships, and jobs. The tools provide content in areas of leadership that public health employers and UC Berkeley School of Public Health faculty, students, and alumni have identified as essential for success, such as leadership authenticity, building teams, and strategic problem-solving. Learn more.