Kristine A. Madsen MD, MPH

Faculty Director, Berkeley Food Institute
Associate Professor, Joint Medical Program and Public Health Nutrition
Division of Community Health Sciences
  • PH 206C: Nutrition Epidemiology
  • PH 214: Eat. Think. Design.
  • HMS 266: Joint Medical Program Thesis Seminar
  • PH 196: Senior Seminar in Research Methods
Research Interests: 
  • Pediatric obesity
  • Health disparities
  • Policy approaches to reducing cardiovascular disease
  • Physical activity
  • School health
  • Community-based participatory research
Current Projects: 

With funding from the NIH, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, American Heart Association, and other agencies, Dr. Madsen works to identify programs and policies that will reduce childhood obesity and its attendant health disparities. Her team is currently conducting research to:

  • Explore the impact of soda tax legislation on soda consumption. In partnership with UCSF, Stanford and UC Davis, this ongoing research examines the impact of sugar-sweetened beverage taxes in the Bay Area.
  • Identify impactful policies in schools to reduce obesity and weight-related disparities, including the use of BMI screening and reporting. In this NIH-funded multi-site cluster-randomized controlled trial, 76 schools across California are participating in a 3-year study to look at the impact of BMI reporting on childhood obesity at the population level.
  • Discover innovative approaches to improve child nutrition in schools. With funding from the USDA and in partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District, this controlled trial examines the impact of a student-friendly app, distributed points of sale, and a staff wellness curriculum on student dietary quality and plate waste in 12 intervention and 12 control schools across San Francisco.
  • Determine the impact of the Kaiser Thriving Schools initiative. The Kaiser Thriving Schools initiative is an important example of translating evidence from existing studies into practice. This longitudinal study will examine dose-response to the evidence-based Thriving Schools program in 330 schools implementing the program across the nation. 
  • Improve the quality and quantity of physical education (PE), particularly in elementary schools. Ongoing qualitative and quantitative studies examine methods to improve adherence to existing PE policies.
Selected Publications: 

Complete list of citations available on My Bibliography

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