Kim Harley PhD

Associate Adjunct Professor, Maternal and Child Health
Associate Director for Health Effects, Center for Environmental Research and Children's Health
  • PH 210D: Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology
  • PH 293-006: Practical Issues in Maternal & Child Health Data Analysis
Research Interests: 
  • Effects of endocrine disrupting compounds on birth outcome, fertility, onset of puberty
  • Prenatal exposure to pesticides and other environmental contaminants
  • Reproductive health effects of Bisphenol A
  • Reproductive health effects of PBDEs
Current Projects: 

This study is investigating Latina adolescent girls' exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals in shampoo, perfume, make-up, and other beauty products.

This is a longitudinal cohort study of mothers and children living in a farmworker community. We are currently examining the role of pesticides and other chemicals on timing of puberty and reproductive development.

Selected Publications: 

Harley, K., Macher J. M., Lipsett, M., Duramad, P., Holland, N.T., Prager, S. S., Ferber J., Bradman, A., Eskenazi, B., Tager, I.B. (2009) Season of birth, fungi and pollen exposure, and risk of early childhood asthma. Thorax. 64(4):353-8.

Harley, K., Marks, A., Fenster, L., Bradman, A., Eskenazi, B. (2008) DDT exposure, work in agriculture, and time to pregnancy among farmworkers in California. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 50(12): 1335-42

Eskenazi, B., L.G. Rosas, A.R. Marks, A. Bradman, K. Harley, N. Holland, C. Johnson, L. Fenster, and D.B. Barr. (2008) Pesticide toxicity and the developing brain. Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology. 102(2): p. 228-236.

Eskenazi, B., Marks, A, Bradman, A, Harley, K., Barr, D. B., Johnson, C, Morga, N, & Jewell, N.P. (2007) Organophosphate Pesticide Exposure and Neurodevelopment in Young Mexican-American Children. Environmental Health Perspectives,115(5), 792-798.

Warner, M.L., Harley, K., Bradman, A., Vargas, G., Eskenazi, B. (2007) Soda consumption and overweight status of 2-year-old Mexican-American children: The CHAMACOS birth cohort. Obesity Research 14(11), 1966-1974.

Harley, K., Stamm N.L., and Eskenazi, B. (2007) The effect of time in the U.S. on the duration of breastfeeding in women of Mexican descent. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 11(2):119-25.

Harley, K. and Eskenazi, B. (2006) Time in the United States, social support and health behaviors during pregnancy among women of Mexican descent. Social Science & Medicine, 62: 3048-3061.

Profile Updated: July 1, 2013