Justin Remais PhD, MS

Division Head, Environmental Health Sciences
Associate Professor

PhD – Environmental Health Sciences, University of California, Berkeley
MS – Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
BA – Environmental Science, University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests: 
  • Environmental dynamics of infectious diseases
  • Global environmental change and health
  • Methodological issues in the projection of infectious disease risks in response to environmental change
  • Optimizing infectious disease surveillance in low- and middle-income countries
  • Mathematical and statistical modeling of infectious disease transmission
  • Dynamics of waterborne and vector-borne infections in rapidly changing environments
Selected Publications: 

Hodges M, Belle J, Carlton C, Liang S, Li H, Luo W, Freeman MC, Liu Y, Gao Y, Hess J, Remais J. Delays reducing waterborne and water-related infectious diseases in China under climate change, Nature Climate Change, 4(12):1109-15, 2014.

Remais J, Hess J, Ebi K, Markandya A, Balbus J, Wilkinson P, Haines A, Chalabi Z. Estimating the health effects of greenhouse gas mitigation strategies: addressing parametric, model and valuation challenges, Environmental Health Perspectives, 122(5):447-55, 2014.

Moore J, Remais J. Developmental models for estimating ecological responses to environmental variability: structural, parametric, and experimental issues, Acta Biotheoretica, 62(1):69-90, 2014.

Wu J, Dhingra R, Gambhir M, Remais J. Sensitivity analysis of infectious disease models: methods, advances and their application, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 10(86), 2013.

Lam H-M, Remais J, Fung M-C, Xu L, Sun SS. Food supply and food safety in China, The Lancet, 381(9882):2044-2053, 2013.

Remais J, Zeng G, Li G, Tian L, Engelgau M. Convergence of non-communicable and infectious diseases in low- and middle-income countries, International Journal of Epidemiology, 42(1): 221-227, 2013.

Carlton E, Liang S, McDowell J, Li H, Luo W, Remais J. Regional disparities in the burden of disease attributable to unsafe water and sanitation in China, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 90: 578-587, 2012.

Moore J, Liang S, Akullian A, Remais J. Cautioning the use of degree-day models for climate change projections: predicting the future distribution of parasite hosts in the presence of parametric uncertainty, Ecological Applications, 22(8): 2237-2247, 2012.

Remais J, Eisenberg J. Balance between clinical and environmental responses to infectious diseases, The Lancet, 379(9824):1457-1459, 2012.

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Remais J, Akullian A, Lu D, Seto E. Analytical methods for quantifying environmental connectivity for the control and surveillance of infectious disease spread, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 7(49):1181-93, 2010.

Zhang J, Mauzerall D, Zhu T, Liang S, Ezzati M, Remais, J. Environmental health in China: challenges to achieving clean air and safe water, The Lancet, 375: 1110 - 1119, 2010.

Hung, YW, Remais, J. A real-time PCR assay for the quantitative detection of Schistosoma japonicum cercariae in water, PLoS NTD, 2(11):337-343, 2008.

Driscoll AJ, Kyle JL, Remais J. Development of a novel PCR assay capable of detecting a single Schistosoma japonicum cercaria recovered from Oncomelania hupensis, Parasitology, Oct;131(Pt 4):497-500, 2005.

Profile Updated: October 8, 2018