Julia Walsh MD, MSc

Adjunct Professor, Maternal and Child Health & International Health
  • Global Health Core Course
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health
Research Interests: 
  • Cost-effectiveness and Cost-Benefit Analysis and using results for resource allocation
  • Forecast potential demand and market size for new interventions
  • Finance and access health and family planning through private systems
  • Assessment of priorities of new Global Health Technologies for the poor
Research Description: 

Dr. Walsh's research focuses on developing and testing innovative public and private sector solutions to improve health among the poorest population and promoting the widespread market penetration of evidence-based health interventions. She has conducted an analysis of the market feasibility, costs, and cost-effectiveness of the new method of fortification of rice with multivitamins in Columbia and India and a cost effectiveness of improvements in health information systems to enhance information based decision-making in poor countries.

Selected Publications: 

Prata N, Potts M, Greig F, Walsh J. Setting Priorities for Safe Motherhood Interventions in Resource-Scarce Settings.Health Policy 2010 Jan 94(1):1-13.

Verguet S, Walsh J. Vaginal Microbicides Save Money: A Model of Cost-effectiveness in South Africa and the United States. Sexually Transmitted Infections 2010 Jun;86(3):212-6.

Potts M, Halperin D, Kirby D, Marseille D, Kirby D, Swidler A, Klausner J, Wamai R, Kahn J, Walsh J. Reassessing HIV Prevention. Science 2008 (May 9) 320:749-50.

Walsh J, Mittu A. 2008 The Critical Path for Vaccine Introduction: An Analysis based upon the Rapid Introduction of Rotavirus Vaccine into Mexico and Brazil. Albert Sabin Vaccine Institute 2007 read the PDF 

Potts M, Prata N, Walsh J, Grossman A. The parachute approach to evidence-based medicine. British Medical J 2006. Sep 30;333(7570):701-3.

Stansfield S, Walsh J, Prata N, Evans T. 2006. Information to Improve Decision-Making for Health. In: Jamison D et al. (Eds) Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries. 2nd edition Washington: Oxford University Press. Pp:1017-31.

Montague D, Prata N, Campbell M, Walsh J, Ortero S. Kenya: Reaching the poor through the private sector: a network model for expanding access to reproductive health services. In: Gwatikin DR, Wagstaff A, Yazbeck (Eds).Reaching the Poor with Health, Nutrition, and Population Services: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why. Washington DC: World Bank. 2006.

Other interests: 
  • Member -  Institute for Human Development
  • Chairman - Venture Strategies for Health and Development
  • Member - Center for Global Public Health
Profile Updated: May 19, 2015