Joan R. Bloom PhD

Professor of the Graduate School, Health Policy and Management
  • PhD -  Sociology of Education, Stanford University
  • MA - Sociology, Stanford University
  • BS - University of California, Berkeley
  • Health Organizations and Management
  • Advanced Health Care Organizations and Environment
  • Health and Medical Care
Research Interests: 
  • Late effects of treatment on cancer survivors
  • Effects of exercise and diet on late effects of cancer treatment
  • Implementing and sustaining change in health organizations
  • Reducing cancer disparities in Alameda County
Research Description: 

I am interested in the prevention, early detection, and long term effects of chronic disease and its treatment on one's quality of life defined broadly to include the physical, social, psychological and spiritual well-being. I have a special interest in designing and testing interventions to reduce the effects of chronic disease and its treatment. Within this broad area, I am interested in one's response to being at greater than average risk due to one's family history. I have also had an interest in disparities in health outcomes due to age and ethnicity. A second interest has focused on the organizations in which health care is delivered and the effectiveness of new programs that are implemented such as changes in the financing and the delivery of care.

Current Projects: 

I am currently completing a ten year follow-up of young women with breast cancer to assess their quality of life compared to their quality of life at five years post-diagnosis and to a cancer-free comparison group. A second project focuses on the effectiveness of an exercise program taking place in YMCAs in the SF Greater Bay Area to reduce the long-term effects of treatment on young women with breast cancer. A third project focuses on outreach, community based participatory research, and training to reduce cancer disparities in Alameda County using religious organizations and community clinics to deliver education, prevention and early detection programs. Other smaller projects fall within these three areas.

Selected Publications: 

Fernandes-Taylor S., Bloom JR. Patient Regrets Among Young Breast Cancer Survivors, Psycho-Oncology (in press)

Kaplan C, Napoles A, Hwang S, Bloom JR, Stewart SL, Nickleah D, Karliner L. Selection of treatment among Latina and non-Latina Whites with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ. Journal of Women's Health (in press)

Bloom JR, Wang HH, Kang S, Huang J, Wallace N, Hu T, Capitation of Public Mental Health Services in Colorado: Five-Year Follow-up of System Level Effects, Psychiatric Service (in press)

Bloom JR. The Contributions of Organizational Theory to Health Care., Chapter 18: Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Volume 28, Stanford's Organization Theory Renaissance, 1970-2000, (editors Frank Dobbin and Claudia Bird Schoonhoven), Emerald Press, 2010.

Bloom JR, Stewart SL, D'Onofrio CA, Luce J, Banks PJ. Young Breast Cancer Survivors at Five Year Milestone: Can a short-term, low intensity intervention change behavior? Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 2:190-2004, 2008.

Bloom JR (2007) Improving the health and well-being of cancer survivors, Psycho-Oncology.

Bloom JR, et al. (2006) Effects of a telephone counseling intervention on sisters of young women with breast cancer. Preventive Medicine..

Bloom JR, et al.(2006)  Family history, perceived risk and prostate cancer screening among African American Men.  Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention.

Morris, A. and Bloom, JR (2007) Organizational and individual factors affecting consumer outcomes of care in mental health services, Mental Health Services Research.

Bloom JR, et al. (2002) Mental Health Costs and Access Under Alternative Capitation Systems in Colorado. Health Services Research.

Bloom JR et al (1997)  Nursing staffing patterns and hospital efficiency in the US.  Social Science and Medicine

Other interests: 
  • Cancer Prevention Institute of California
  • Board of Directors California Dialogue on Cancer
  • Member of the Executive Committee State of California
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Advisory Committee
  • Psycho-Oncology Editorial Board
  • Editorial Board Journal of Cancer Survivorship
Profile Updated: July 1, 2016