The Program in Medical Education for the Urban Underserved (PRIME-US) is a special track for JMP students committed to working with the urban underserved. The program includes four students per class at the JMP on the UC Berkeley campus and another group of students in each class at the UC San Francisco School of Medicine. For more information on PRIME-US, visit the UCSF web page.

PRIME-US at the JMP aims to:

  • Attract medical students from diverse backgrounds who have a strong interest in caring for the urban underserved.
  • Provide an undergraduate medical education experience for these students that supports them to become leaders in the care of urban underserved communities
  • Enable these students to educate others at the JMP, UCSF, other health professional schools, and the broader community about the rewards and challenges of caring for the urban underserved

In addition to the regular JMP curriculum, PRIME-US, JMP students:

  • Participate in a week-long summer orientation with their UCSF peers
  • Attend weekly seminars and site visits to better understand issues affecting underserved populations and to build skills related to working in underserved settings
  • Lead community engagement and service-learning projects
  • Choose a master's thesis topic related to medically underserved populations in the United States.
  • Join their UCSF classmates for the capstone experience in the fifth year of study