About the Program

The UC Berkeley–UCSF Joint Medical Program (JMP) attracts people who are passionately dedicated to improving the world’s health through scholarly self-directed yet collaborative inquiry. This is reflected in both the medical curriculum and master’s program.

Students craft their graduate curriculum towards an academic MS degree in Health and Medical Sciences. The MS allows them to develop expertise in any discipline with a link to human health. At the same time, students participate in an innovative student-led, faculty supported Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Helix medical curriculum. Woven into the JMP curriculum are threads medical humanities, social & behavioral sciences, geriatrics and public health.

As part of the UC Berkeley campus community, our 16 students per cohort are supported by a multidisciplinary, close-knit, and inter-professional team of faculty and staff, committed to individualized support for students' success.

The JMP Mission

The mission of the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program is to produce physician leaders committed to a lifetime of self-education, scholarship and health innovation.