Hannah Thompson PhD, MPH

Research Scientist
  • PhD - Epidemiology and Translational Science, UCSF
  • MPH - Public Health Nutrition, UC Berkeley
  • BA - American Civilization and Portuguese & Brazilian Studies, Brown University
Research Interests: 
  • Physical activity
  • School health
  • Physical education
  • Youth development
  • Health disparities
  • Participatory action research
Research Description: 

My research focus is on school- and community-based methods to increase physical activity levels, with the goals of improving youth health and decreasing obesity and health disparities. I am specifically interested in interventions to improve the quantity and quality of physical education in public schools. Through both qualitative and quantitative methods, I work to understand how schools and community-based youth development and physical activity organizations can work together to increase access to physical activity, with a particular focus on children in communities at highest risk for inactivity and poor health.

Selected Publications: 

Thompson HR, Linchey JK, Himes J, Madsen KA. Accuracy of school staff-measured height and weight used for BMI screening and reporting. Journal of School Health. In press.

Thompson HR, Singh BK, Reed A, Garcia R, Lounsbery M, Winig B, Madsen KA. Impact of litigation on compliance with California physical education laws in elementary schools Journal of Physical Activity and Health. 2018. 6:1-9

Thompson HR and Madsen KA. The Report card on BMI Report Cards. Current Obesity Reports. 2017. DOI: 10.1007/s13679-017-0259-6.

Falbe J, Thompson HR, Becker CM, Rojas N, McCulloch CE, Madsen KA. A tax on sugar-sweetened beverages and consumption in Berkeley, California. American Journal of Public Health. 2016.  E1-E7.

Thompson HR, Duvall J, Padrez R, Rosekrans N, Madsen KA. The impact of moderate-vigorous intensity physical education class immediately prior to standardized testing on student test-taking behaviors. Mental Health and Physical Activity. 2016. 11; 7-12.

Thompson HR, Haguewood R, Tantoco N, Madsen KA. Lessons Learned: A Strategic Alliance to Improve Elementary Physical Education in an Urban School District. Progress in Community Health Partnerships. 2015. 9(3);363-70.

Thompson HR, Linchey JL, Madsen KA. Critical elements of a school report to parents on body mass index. Preventing Chronic Disease. 2015. 12(E136); 1-4

Thompson HR, Linchey JK, Madsen KA.  Public disclosure to improve physical education in an urban school district: Results from a 2-year quasi-experimental study. Journal of School Health. 2015. 85(5): 604-10.

Profile Updated: November 1, 2018