Guy Micco MD

Clinical Professor, Joint Medical Program
Director, Academic Geriatric Resource Center
Co-director, Program for the Medical Humanities
  • HMS 202 A: Clinical Skills
  • HMS 200 B and C: Medical Curriculum
  • HMS 210: Readers' Theater
  • HMS 211: Narrative and Medicine
  • HMS 215: The Interdisciplinary Team: Improving the Care of Our Elders
  • HMS 240: The Death Course
  • HMS 200: Independent Study
Research Interests: 
  • Suffering
  • Death
  • Aging/old age
  • The interface of medicine and the humanities
  • Medical ethics
  • The doctor-patient relationship
Current Projects: 

Geriatric community-based experiential learning project bringing students into contact with elders in retirement communities to better understand aging in our time and culture. Dr. Micco is also a part-time hospice/palliative care physician.

Selected Publications: 

Micco, Guy, Villars, Pilar, and Smith, Alex. The Death of Ivan Ilyich and pain relief at the end of life, The Lancet. 2009. 34:872-3.

Zier LS, Burack JH, Micco G, Chipman AK, Frank JA, White DB. Surrogate decision makers' responses to physicians' predictions of medical futility. Chest 2009. 136(1):110-7.

Micco, Guy. Listening to the Story of Medicine. Review of Narrative Medicine: Honoring the Stories of Illness by Rita Charon. The Lancet 2007. 370:1203-1204

Profile Updated: October 27, 2010