Specialty Areas

Specialty Areas are interdisciplinary, drawing faculty and students across many areas of study. They provide a focus for substantive topics, reflecting the changing public health problems that must be addressed by public health practitioners and researchers. Students in a two-year master’s or a doctoral program may elect to complete an additional specialty area as a minor in their curricula. Students in an 11-month master’s program may also be able to add a specialty area; however we recommend talking to your program coordinator for eligibility requirements.


One of the nation's major public health objectives is to enhance and maintain the health, vitality, and independence of its aging population. The Specialty Area in Aging gives students the opportunity to learn about these challenges.

Global Health

The Global Health Specialty Area prepares students from different disciplines to work in global health programs. Its objective is to produce graduates with a marketable set of skills for entry-level professional jobs abroad, or with domestic agencies that conduct public health research, evaluation, and program development in other countries.

Food Systems

The Certificate in Food Systems responds to an escalating need to empower new leaders with the capacity to create innovative solutions to pressing food and agriculture challenges. Building on UC Berkeley’s strength as a multi-disciplinary pioneer in food systems studies, the Certificate in Food Systems will prepare Masters and Doctoral students to think critically about the multi-level, multi-system factors that affect food production, distribution, and consumption locally, nationally, and globally.

Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health

The field of maternal, child, and adolescent health aims to promote and protect the health status and well-being of women, infants, children, adolescents, and their families. The Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health Specialty Area furthers this goal through excellence in training, research, continuing education, service, and advocacy.

Multicultural Health

As the U.S. population becomes increasingly multicultural, the Specialty Area in Multicultural Health prepares students to take a leadership role in addressing the challenges and opportunities afforded by these changing demographics.

Public Health Nutrition

Nutrition-related problems in the United States and globally need the expertise and leadership of well-trained public health professionals. The Public Health Nutrition Specialty Area has been developed to train a workforce with strong leadership skills and the competencies to address complex issues and problems relating to public health nutrition.