Genevieve M. Ames PhD

Adjunct Professor, Medical Anthropology
Research Interests: 
  • Anthropology of health and healing
  • Occupational culture and alcohol
  • Work stress and couple violence
  • Family culture and alcohol
  • Environmental models for research and prevention of substance abuse problems
  • Integration of qualitative and quantitative methods
Selected Publications: 

Ames, G., Cunradi, C., Moore, R. and Duke, M. (2009) The Impact of Occupational Culture on Drinking Behavior of Young Adults in the U.S. Navy, Jour of Mixed Methods, 3(2)120-150.

Cunradi, C., Todd, M. Duke, M. and Ames, G. (2009) Problem Drinking, Unemployment and Intimate Partner Violence among a Sample of Construction Workers and their Partners, Jour of Family Violence, 24:63-74.

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Profile Updated: April 3, 2009