Edward T. F. Wei PhD

Professor Emeritus, Toxicology
  • PhD - University of California, San Francisco. 1969
  • PH 172: Introduction to Pharmacology and Toxicology (Spring)
Research Interests: 
  • Anti-inflammatory peptides
  • Drugs for melanoma and for disseminated cancer
  • Therapy for edema
  • Therapy for itching, pain and edema
Research Description: 

Dr. Wei's research is focused on the pharmacology and toxicology of peptide drugs. Four families of peptides (corticotropin-releasing factors, neurotensins, dynorphin A and mystixins) were identified to possess anti-inflammatory properties. These peptides inhibit the vascular leakage that occurs after tissue injury. The potential therapeutic values of anti-inflammatory peptides are being evaluated in animal models and in human clinical trials. The development of agents that suppress inflammation may have value in understanding mechanisms of chemical toxicity.

Current Projects: 

Recent activities are centered on finding novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of disseminated cancer. Specifically, he is looking at new anti-angiogenic agents, at melanocortin receptor antagonists, and at peptides of the corticotropin-releasing factor super family which suppress cell proliferation. He is also active in the assessment of environmental chemicals in water supplies and in evaluating their public health risk.

Selected Publications: 


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Profile Updated: September 3, 2014