Douglas P. Jutte MD, MPH

Associate Adjunct Professor
Associate Director, UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Research Interests: 
  • Health resilience and vulnerability in children
  • The interaction of biological and social risk factors in early childhood and their relationship to long-term health and educational outcomes
  • The newborn Apgar score as a possible marker of physiologic reactivity and health risk
  • SES-related differences in family interaction and parent-child communication and their relationship to behavioral development and higher-level cognitive function
  • Child health trajectories and the development of SES-related health gradients through childhood
  • Ethical implications of social dominance hierarchies in young children
Selected Publications: 

Jutte DP, Brownell M, Roos NP. The Early Development of Socioeconomic Disparities in Health: a population-based perspective from birth to age 18 years. (under review, American Journal of Public Health)

Halpern J, Jutte DP, Colby J, Boyce WT. Systemic Social Dominance, Bullying and Child Health: What are our Ethical Obligations to our Young. (under review, Millbank Quarterly)

Pantell MS, Rehkopf DH, Jutte DP, Syme SL, Balmes JR, Adler NE. Social isolation is a better predictor of mortality than traditional clinical risk factors in men. (under review, American Journal of Public Health)

Sheridan M, Sarsour K, Jutte DP, D’Esposito M, Boyce WT. (2012) The Impact of Social Disparity on Prefrontal Function in Childhood. PLoS ONE. 7;4: e35744

Jutte DP, LeWinn KZ, Hutson MA, Dare R, Falk J. (2011) Bringing Researchers And Community Developers Together To Revitalize A Public Housing Project And Improve Health. Health Affairs. 30;11:2072-2078.

Jutte DP, Roos LL, Brownell MD. (2011) Administrative Record Linkage as a Tool for Public Health Research. Annual Review of Public Health. May:32;16.1-16.18

Sarsour K, Sheridan M, Jutte DP, Nuru-Jeter A, Hinshaw S, Boyce WT. (2011) Family Socioeconomic Status and Child Executive Functions: the Roles of Language, Home Environment and Single Parenthood. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. Jan;17(1):120-32.

Brownell MD, Derkson S, Jutte DP, Roos NP, Ekuma O, Yallop L. (2010) Socioeconomic Inequities in Children's Injury Rates: Has the Gradient Changed Over Time? Canadian J Public Health. 101:S28-S31.

Jutte DP, Roos NP, Brownell M, Briggs G, MacWilliam L, Roos LL. (2010) The Ripples of Adolescent Motherhood: Social, educational and medical outcomes for children of teen and prior teen mothers. Academic Pediatrics. 10(5):293-301.

Jutte DP, Brownell M, Schnipper C, Roos N, Boyce WT, Syme SL. (2010) Rethinking What is Important: Biological versus Social Predictors of Child Health and Educational Outcomes. Epidemiology. 21: 314-323

Nuru-Jeter A, Sarsour K, Jutte DP, Boyce WT. (2010) Measurement Matters: Socioeconomic Status and Middle Childhood Health and Development - Examining Differences by Race. Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing. 33(2):59-81.

Tarshis TP, Jutte DP, Huffman LC. (2006) Identification of Children with Psychosocial Problems: Associations between a Physician Checklist and Children's Mental Health in a Latino Population. Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved. 17:342-357.

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Profile Updated: November 15, 2018