Health Inequities Educational Opportunities

At Berkeley, we view social justice as a cornerstone of public health. Therefore, building health equity is a goal shared by many of our scholars. In addition to providing culturally appropriate care, we need to close the gaps in social and economic status, and improve access to health care and the quality of care received. If you are interested in addressing and eliminating health inequities, you will find that there are many resources and people here to support your efforts.

Partners and Resources

At the School of Public Health:

The Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership: For all our students, the Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership (CPHPL) will provide a key link between teaching, research, and the practice of public health. For students interested in a career addressing health inequities, CPHPL will be an invaluable resource to connect them with community partners for internships, professional development, and leadership training.

Health Initiative of the Americas: Students interested in addressing the unmet health needs of the Latino-origin population living and working in the United States will want to explore the resources offered by the Health Initiative of the Americas (HIA). This center is a collaborative effort involving government, academia, the private sector, and community-based organizations of participating countries.

Health Research for Action: Health Research for Action works with communities, foundations, private industry, and government agencies to reduce health disparities and create more hopeful, empowered communities. HRA's key constituents include workers, at-risk youth, older adults, patients with chronic disease, and young parents, among others.

On the UC Berkeley campus:

Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society
Center for Latino Policy Research
UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender

Local partners:

Alameda County Public Health Department
Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland
Prevention Institute
Public Health Division-City of Berkeley
Sand Associates

Recommended Courses

In addition to these courses, students are encouraged to take UC Berkeley courses outside the School of Public Health. For course descriptions, visit the online UC Berkeley Academic Guide.


Public Health (PH) 181: Poverty and Population

PH 204E: Multicultural Competence in Public Health

PH 217C: Aging and Public Health

PH 221B: Understanding and Overcoming Health Care Disparities

PH 290: Asian American Culture and Health


PH 112: Global Health: A Multidisciplinary Examination

PH 116: Seminar on Social, Political, and Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine

PH 202B: Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Health Status and Behavior

PH 204F: Culture, Public Health Practice, and Eliminating Health Disparities

PH 212C: Health and Social Policy in Mexico and Latin America

PH 212D: Global Health Core Course

PH C217D: Biological and Public Health Aspects of Alzheimer's Disease

PH 221: Mental Health Policies, Programs, and Services

PH 255A: Social Epidemiology

PH 255E: Structural Inequalities and Reproductive Health