Student Groups

Our student groups—engaged in interests as diverse as health policy and intramural sports—offer public health students the opportunity to attend events, build relationships with fellow students and faculty members, and gain hands-on public health experience within the community.

Groups open to School of Public health students include:

Asian & Pacific Islander (API) Women's Circle

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The Asian & Pacific Islander (API) Women's Circle aims to provide a unique space for women to meet, connect over shared experiences, and develop strong support during graduate school. Our long-term vision is to develop a strong professional network that extends beyond our graduate experiences and that advances culturally humble/responsive and equitable public health practice to serve unique needs of diverse communities, including API communities.

Association of Public Health Infectious Diseases Students (APHIDS)

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The Association of Public Health Infectious Diseases Students at Berkeley (APHIDS) is a graduate student group serving the School of Public Health (SPH) graduate students. Its goals include creating a strong sense of community, fostering communication both among Infectious Diseases students and between other SPH concentrations, and providing a welcoming and warm environment for new and prospective students.

2018-19 Office Bearers: Chandra Greenberg; Zahra Samiezade-Yazd; Zaq Tman

Berkeley Advocates for Sexual Health (BASH)

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BASHers like to talk about sex - at home, abroad, and every where in between. Join a group of Berkeley students, staff, and community members who passionately and enthusiastically promote sexual and reproductive health. Primarily organized by students from the SPH, BASH passes out condoms at any opportunity possible, engages in mind-blowing dialogue, and relentlessly advocates for happy, healthy and safe sex. BASH has hosted a DeCal class, film screenings, presentations by distinguished speakers, and roundtable discussions focusing on both local and international topics in family planning, gender-based rights and policy, sexually transmitted diseases, and maternal health. Jump on the BASH bandwagon today-- we still have a lot more condoms to pass out.

Cal Student Assistance for Public Health (Cal STAPH)


Cal Student Assistance for Public Health (Cal STAPH) is an official student group at UC Berkeley that provides training and response opportunities to public health graduate students by assisting state and local health departments in California during outbreaks and other public health emergencies. The mission of Cal STAPH is to train and deploy students to assist state and local health agencies in responding to urgent and emergency public health threats. Through partnerships with health departments in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cal STAPH links students with applied public health experience and departments with needed surge capacity.

Cal Undergraduate Public Health Coalition


Cal Undergraduate Public Health Coalition (Cal UPHC) was formed in order to provide undergraduate students with a professional and supportive network. The group's mission is to help students gain "R.E.A.L." experience in the field of public health through Research, Education, Action, and Leadership. Founded in 2003, Cal UPHC is composed of an executive board and four primary committees: International Health, Community Health, Health Policy and Advocacy, and Environmental Health.

Christian Health and Medical Professionals and Students (CHAMPS)

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Christian Health and Medical Professionals and Students (CHAMPS) aims to foster a community for Christians and for those exploring their faith, to provide a space to explore intersections between faith and health and medicine, and to share opportunities to serve the larger community. We welcome all students, staff, and faculty. If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to email us!

Crisis Health Initiative

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The Crisis Health Initiative (CHI) is a coalition of students and faculty from U.S. universities who seek to raise awareness and resolve health issues that directly result from conflict. Our mission is to promote health and stability inregions affected by crisis and conflict through educational initiatives focusing on improvement of medical and public health systems. Through this, we hope to raise awareness of the plight of refugees and displaced persons and the need for humanitarian aid as well as build public health capacity in regions affected by crisis and conflict to ensure longterm security and stability.

CHI will begin a health practitioner exchange program at UC Berkeley, where visiting scholars will attend public health graduate courses for one semester. The visiting scholars will collaborate with students and faculty on a project to implement in their host country as well as concurrently host lectures to educate students and faculty about the war in their host country to provide a basis for the collaborative project. CHI will host the first visiting scholar from Iraq during the Fall 2010 semester and two additional scholars during Spring 2011.

Multicultural Health in Action

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Multicultural Health in Action (MHIA) is a student-run group focused on the professional and leadership development of Public Health students through the integration of learning and practice. MHIA offers students the opportunity to engage in meaningful service and actively participate in community partner initiatives that seek to address the needs of disadvantaged populations in the East Bay by providing health education sessions and academic support.

MultiCultural Student Organization

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MCSO has become an important vehicle for SPH students to advocate for the continuation and creation of programs, courses and activities that truly increase diversity at our school, and that effectively prepare us to address issues of diverse, underserved communities. We also provide an open forum for discussion and support around diversityrelated issues, and a place for diversity-committed students to meet. Please join us for our first meeting, where we'll talk about our goals and activities.

Note: If you would like to hear about future events, meetings, and other opportunities for involvement, join the MCSO Google Group:

Queering Public Health

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The Queering Public Health group is a space formed in 2014 dedicated to fostering community for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, allies, or other identities; creating a learning environment where students and faculty produce and share research that represents queer individuals and queers the norms of public health; and leading advocacy and service in the name of underrepresented individuals on our campus, and in our broader communities.

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Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership (SCIL)

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The Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership (SCIL) is a professional, student-run organization whose vision is to empower students to become leaders in the public health field. It’s comprised of students from every concentration at the School of Public Health and is governed by a student board who gain valuable experience learning how to build and manage a decision-making body.

The Public Health Advocate


The Public Health Advocate (PHA) is an undergraduate publication featuring current public health issues with local, national, and international perspectives. Since 2005, PHA has been dedicated to giving students interested in health the opportunity to publish their written works in our semesterly print issues or on our website. We strive to support students as they advocate for the health of all individuals and educate the general public about emerging public health topics.

The Public Health Student Sports Committee

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The Public Health Student Sports Committee organizes intramural sports teams for public health graduate students. Intramural (IM) sports teams are a great way to make friends within the school and to stay fit. Teams are open to all public health students of all skill levels from awardwinning athletes to students who haven't put on a softball glove since second grade. Games are one hour, one evening a week (a great study break). Recent IM teams have included softball, soccer, flag football, and volleyball. Signups are at the beginning of each semester.

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