Student Government

The School of Public Health Student Government is a group of public health graduate students who act as a liaison between the students and the administration and faculty. It functions as a communication vehicle between these entities to involve and inform students of ongoing activities and decision-making at the School.

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Reach out to us using any of these networks:

Get Involved

  • We're always interested in connecting with people who would like to plan events for the SPH community—contact us if you have ideas!
  • If you are interested in any of the committees run by the School, let us know and you can attend with a SPHSG representative.
  • Each fall semester, we begin looking for motivated first-year students to become involved as interim members and to start full-time in the spring semester for a better transition.

2016-2017 Student Government Representatives

Biostatistics (PhD, MA)

Suzanne Dufault


Suzanne Dufault (Co-chair)



Amy Bray


Amy Bray (Treasurer; Events Committee)




Anoop Jain


Anoop Jain (Co-chair)



Environmental Health Sciences (MPH)

Alexander Neuhaus


Alexander Neuhaus (Volunteer Mobilization Day; Events Committee)



Epidemiology (PhD)

Ellie Colson


Ellie Colson (Secretary)



Epidemiology/Biostatistics (MPH)

Claire Boone


Claire Boone



Jillian Kadota


Jillian Kadota



Health and Social Behavior (MPH)

Marvin Crespin Gamez


Marvin Crespin Gamez (Graduate Assembly Rep)



Fiona Ruddy


Fiona Ruddy (Student Advocacy Chair)



Health Policy and Management (MPH)

Lillian Chen


Lillian Chen (Technology and Communications Chair)



Chloe Balma


Chloe Balma



Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology (MPH)

Sayah Bogor


Sayah Bogor (Vice Chair)



Maternal and Child Health (MPH)

Kaitlyn Patierno


Kaitlyn Patierno (Graduate Assembly Rep)



Public Health Nutrition

Folasade (Sade) Wilson-Anumudu


Folasade (Sade) Wilson-Anumudu (Graduate Assembly Rep)



Shane Fallon


Shane Fallon (Graduate Assembly Rep)



UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program (MD, MS)

Nathan Admassu


Nathan Admassu (Meetings Coordinator)



Undergraduate Program

Peter Buto


Peter Buto (Student Rep)