MBA/MPH with Haas School of Business

"Anything you want to do in the realm of health care, I think the MBA/MPH program equips you with the necessary skill set, the network that you need, and the knowledge base you need to go forward in your career."



This two-and-one-half year concurrent degree program is offered with the Haas School of Business. Graduates of this program are prepared for leadership roles in both business and delivery aspects of health services and technology industries. Students come to the program with an average of five years of health-related work experience.

Applicants may submit GMAT or GRE scores. Applications for this program are made directly to the Haas School of Business.

Health Policy & Management Faculty

Bloom, Joan, Chair
Brown, Tim
Dow, William
Dratler, Sandra
Ellwood, John
Feachem, Richard G. A.
Gertler, Paul J.
Hu, Teh-wei
Hung, Dorothy
Keller, Ann
MacPherson, Kimberly
Oxendine, Jeffrey
Penhoet, Edward E.
Robinson, James C.
Rundall, Thomas G.
Scheffler, Richard M.
Shortell, Stephen M.
Snowden, Lonnie