Christopher Whaley PhD

Assistant Adjunct Professor
  • PhD - Health Policy (Economics Track), UC Berkeley
  • BA - Economics, University of Chicago
Research Interests: 
  • Health economics
  • Health insurance
  • Health technology
Selected Publications: 

Robinson, James C., Christopher Whaley, and Timothy T. Brown. 2016. “Reference Pricing, Consumer Cost-Sharing, and Insurer Spending for Advanced Imaging Tests.” Medical Care, Forthcoming. 

Robinson James C., Christopher Whaley, and Timothy T. Brown. 2016. “Association of Reference Pricing for Diagnostic Laboratory Testing with Changes in Patient Choices, Prices, and Total Spending for Diagnostic Tests.” JAMA Internal Medicine, July.

Robinson, James C., Timothy T. Brown, Christopher Whaley, and Emily Finlayson. 2015. “Association of Reference Payment for Colonoscopy With Consumer Choices, Insurer Spending, and Procedural Complications.” JAMA Internal Medicine, September, 1–7.

Frech, H.E., III., Christopher Whaley, Benjamin R. Handel, Liora Bowers, Carol J. Simon, and Richard M. Scheffler. 2015. “Market Power, Transactions Costs, and the Entry of Accountable Care Organizations in Health Care.” Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 47, 167-193.

Whaley, Christopher, Jennifer Schneider Chafen, Sophie Pinkard, Gabriella Kellerman, Dena Bravata, Bob Kocher, and Neeraj Sood. 2014. “Association Between Availability of Health Service Prices and Payments for These Services.” JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, 312 (16): 1670–76.

Profile Updated: September 7, 2016