Catherine Koshland PhD

Vice Provost for Teaching, Learning, Academic Planning & Facilities
Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Professor, Engineering
  • PhD - Stanford University, 1985
  • PH267A: Engineering Control of Airborne Chemicals (Sp)
  • ENE102, RES102: Quantitative Aspects of Global Environmental Problems (Sp)
Research Interests: 
  • Air toxics and combustion
  • In situ diagnostics for combustion, air toxics and nanoparticles
  • Health impacts of nanoparticles
  • Energy, technology and social and cultural impacts
  • Environmental health regulation and policy
Research Description: 

Ongoing research project: 
Combustion Processes - Emission, Monitoring, and Intervention

Professor Koshland's research and teaching are at the intersection of air pollution, combustion, energy and public health. She works with graduate students in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering as well as in Public Health and Energy and Resources. Her primary research has been focused on the analysis of pollutant formation in combustion processes including the study of fundamental chemical kinetic mechanisms for chlorinated hydrocarbons, droplet and spray combustion and the development of advanced diagnostic tools for non-intrusive monitoring of combustion species including CHCs and metals. In addition, she has worked with a number of students at the intersection of energy (combustion), air pollution and environmental (human) health examining exposure assessment, strategies for reducing NOx emissions from the electric power industry, and public participation in environmental decision making. Her most recent work is in the area of green manufacturing and industrial ecology, addressing the conception and assessment of improved technologies in energy and manufacturing that address environmental needs and the barriers to the implementation of new technologies or policies. 

Selected Publications: 

SL Fischer, CP Koshland, JA Young. "Social, Economic, and Environmental Impacts Assessment of a Village-Scale Modern Biomass Energy Project in Jilin Province, China: Local Outcomes and Lessons Learned," Energy for Sustainable Development, Vol IX, 4 pp. 50-59. 2005.

J.H. Choi, D. Lucas, C.P. Koshland, and R.F. Sawyer, "Photochemical Interaction of Polystyrene Nanospheres with 193 nm Pulsed Laser Light," Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109, 23905-23910, 2005.

Damm C, Lucas D, Koshland CP, Sawyer RF, "Excimer Laser Fragmentation Fluorescence Spectroscopy as a method for monitoring ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate particles", Chemosphere, 42/5-7, 655-661, 2000.

Franklin PM, Koshland CP, Lucas D and Sawyer RF, "Clearing the air: Using scientific information to regulate reformulated fuels", Environ. Sci. Techno., 34, 3857-3863, 2000.

Sgro LA, Koshland CP, Lucas D, Sawyer RF, "Post-Flame Reaction Chemistry of Dicholoromethane: Variations in Equivalence Ratio and Temperature", Combustion and Flame, 120:492-503, 2000.

Koshland CP, "Impacts and Control of Air Toxics.", The Combustion Institute, Pittsburgh, 2049-2065, 1996.

Other interests: 
  • Co-chair, Haverford College , Board of Managers
  • Member, EPA SAB Subcommittee on Environmental Engineering
  • Member, Sandia National Lab Combustion Research Facility Advisory Board (2004-present)
Profile Updated: October 9, 2009